Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TIME TO VOTE: Drawn to Haiku...

The topic for this week's Haiku Challenge at Allatwitter is:

_________________ ATTRACTION _______________

UPDATE: VOTING is Thursday 'til 11 pm.

Magnets' plus/minus
ends attract not same but the
opposite of ends.

You're there and I'm here.
Still, there is a pull between
us from far away.

it's like the fly on
the flypaper. that's me on
you, just hangin' 'round.


Doom said...

#1 It has a mechanical and poetic attraction. The others are too girly for my grumpy day. Take no offense, the bear is in the teddy bear is out, for repairs, bear mauling wouldn't you know.

boneman said...

yes, and the pull has flavor

the flavor of a sweet kiss

Jean said...

Doom, with your engineering pov, it doesn't surprise me that you's like that one.
Bear/teddy bear... all part of the package ;-)

Jean said...

Berry, sweet from this side, too.

boneman said...

you're neck and neck and neck and neck for second place.
Gia seems to be stomping everyone, again.

Jean said...

Geez. Now I'm in a 6-way tie for third. If Gia wasn't so nice, I'd be pouting.