Monday, October 12, 2009

Lunch at 7-11... (re-post for Teresa)

A sweet friend of mine asked that I link to this
story in my archives. It's from July 2006.

Lunch at 7-11...


p.s. please excuse the excessive use of ellipses.
I didn't feel like editing tonight.


darkfoam said...

hope you survived your busy weekend!
i'll have to come back and peruse some of your archives.

boneman said...

OK, I'll give you that I speak confusingly at times.
Oh well.

Jean said...

Foam, it was a good weekend. You are always welcome here!

Berry, we talked and I understand.
No worries, ok?

Teresa said...

Thank you Jeannie. Now that my heart is retenderized, I think I'll try extra hard to do something wonderful for someone today. You have a beautiful gift...thanks for sharing it with us.

Doom said...

Home is where the heart is. Does that mean you are heartless where you are? No, I am not saying that. It seems you gave your heart away. Bah, go home woman!

boneman said...

I meant in the comments back in July 06, gal.

dick said...

Like I said, you're one hellofa writer.

If ya had a lick of sense:) you'd write a self help page.

Jean said...

T, you are very welcome. You will always have a tender heart. :-)

Doom, yeah, changes need to be made.
Just like you did.

Berry, oh. Ha...I understood you just fine.

Dick, a self-help page?

the walking man said...

In her tears Jane found the road map home. Well said Jean.

Jean said...

Thank you, Mark.

Anonymous said...


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