Wednesday, October 07, 2009

UPDATE: Memories in haiku...

The topic for Sparrow's weekly Haiku Challenge:

____________ GRANDFATHER____________

UPDATE: Please VOTE for your favorite by 11 pm Thursday.

As always, the prize is a deluxe care package, sent in
the winner's name, to one of our military serving in
harm's way. You can choose from the list at
or submit the name of someone you know.
One was gone before
my time. The other lives in
my mem'ry always.

He was a drinker
and a bricklayer. Played bass
in a Polka band.

Landed on Ellis
Island a year before his
family could follow.

I heard many tales
of his drunken temper. All
I saw was gentle.

He smiled while I fed
him mashed potatoes and peas
in the hospital.


boneman said...

my Grandfather was
not really my Grandfather
just married Grandma.

Jean said...

Berry, I hope you remember to submit that.

Doom said...

I loved the last one! It seems we both only really knew one of our grandpas. He is still one of my heroes, I don't care what they say.

Hehe, I loved it when he used to fuss with my Mom. She could have strangled him at times, but... he was still Dad. Ha!

I hope writing these has refreshed such memories in you, you have certainly gifted me this day. Thank you! And good luck!

Jean said...

You're welcome, Doom. *s*
I've heard some terrible stories about him and I have no reason to doubt those people.
But, all I know first-hand is what I saw and how he treated me.