Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tropical Storm Abby Normal...

What can you say about a storm that won't go away?
Someone needs to do a reverse rain dance. Srsly.

Last night here was pretty wild. Lots of wind and rain.
Today was somewhat calmer but it never stopped
raining until about an hour ago.
Supposedly, we were in the eye all day today.

It's almost unheard of for a storm to linger over land and
strengthen. Over land is usually when it weakens and
breaks apart. But, noooooooooooo... not Fay.
And, she's only been moving at an average of 3 mph, so
it's taking her foreverrrrrrrrrrrr to get this crap over with.

We're supposed to get the back half of the storm tonight.
More wind and rain. Oh boy.
My neighborhood has actually had less activity than the
surrounding areas.
I work less than five miles from home. They lost two trees
sometime last night. Well, they didn't lose them.
They fell over.
My yard is full of tree trash from the four oaks and I have
some damp spots in the living room ceiling.

Schools are closed tomorrow again. Work goes on unless
tonight is worse than expected. All in all, I'm OK.
Many thanks to all who are keeping tabs on me.
Such sweeties ya'll are.

Now, I'm going to ask that you go to Sparrow's and vote
for the best haiku. Pretty please. Thank you.


boneman said...

so, maybe it'll drag its tired old butt out'a the state?
I get worried 'bout you and Sparky huddling together in the dark, shivering and whining...

Well, not so much Sparky....


Glad you're surviving it, gal!

Jean said...

hehehe...I've done my share of whining :-)
Gut feeling we may have seen the last of it here.

Sparrow said...

Need a snorkel?

Jean said...

heh... Florida is getting pruney.

Vmaximus said...

Hi Jean,
I have seen you around the blogs,(BT, Lex, Joan, etc) tonight is the first time I have seen your blog. Nice place. Thank you.

Stay dry. I am also a Floridian Scarysota way.

boneman said...

Got some use out'a your umbrella, gal?

dianne said...

Hope it will all be gone soon Jeannie. :) xoxox

boneman said...

....oh, I get it.

You're calling 'it' Florida, now.

Hey wet girl, are they gonna give you back any of your time?

Jean said...

VMaximus, welcome!
I'll be over to visit your place soon.

Dianne, I think we are clear here.

Berry, as I'm typing, the wind is picking up again. Damn. I think it's just little bitty leftovers now.

Ambulance Driver said...

Glad you got through Fay with only a little wind and rain!

Jean said...

Thanks, AD. Hope the new one misses you!