Friday, August 08, 2008

A frequent lurker...

I'm very curious about a lurker who's been visiting
for quite a while. Sometimes they stay for more than
half an hour. It appears that they have read through
all of my archives.

Place of origin is United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

I'd like to know who you are.
Leave a comment or email me at the address in my profile.


kdzu said...

Maybe you've a secret Sheik admirer.

Jean said...

yikes! Someone told me they really like blond Americans. I should replace the profile photo with a recent one. well, maybe not. That would scare off everyone.

The Atavist said...

It is no surprise to me that anyone might wish to lurk here. I finally took some time to catch up on your posts and I am reminded once again why I love to read your words: Imagination, creativity, sensitivity, humour. Nice combination.

Jean said...

Thank you, Sieg. It's good to see you here, busy man.

dianne said...

Jean I finally have a Blog of my own. Yay! It is called 'Here Is My Heart', I have linked you to it, you can access it through Boney's blog by clicking on my name in his sidebar. :)

Jean said...

Cool! I'm going to visit now!

boneman said...

Then you know that sometimes I come here and just read through your stuff, too, eh?

As for the address?
A b'zillion other considerations can be assumed.
A woman is reading your stuff, but dares not to comment.
A soldier is reading your stuff but can't comment.
Someone from the area is reading your stuff but can't comment.
(not everyone that reads a blog can comment)

Your posted photo does look like a queen, and while I can't remember which one, one of these days I'll scour the archives looking for her.
Maybe they just think you're pretty as all get out.

If you know that your 'lurker' is from the UAE then surely you have their ip address?
Write to them. (actually, don't. If it is a case of a woman reading yuour stuff, the man won't be happy to find out that way)

I got 'em.
Creative minds can come up with a b'zillion reasons for the lurking....

Jean said...

They showed up again today, just before you, spent over 18 minutes, 3 page views and read the comments here.
Hope I didn't scare them off.