Sunday, August 03, 2008

Found a note from my muse...

"It's too hot to think. Heading north to cool off."



Corby said...

Ahem, do remember we have about 9 months of crappy dark depressing winter up here. Then a brief 2 month thing known as not winter.

-Corby :-)

kdzu said...

Can't much blame her, can you?

AspergantuS said...

Yer so dammed funny. I can see the smirk on yer face when you hit the "Publish" button on this one.

boneman said...

Steve took off for a couple of're sure welcome to pop on in here.

'Course, two things you'll be wanting to know...
#1 Even if we did have air conditioning, I wouldn't run it.
#2 It's been hotter'n all get out, here. I'm thinking now would be a good time to get one of those kiddie pools for the dogs, fill it up with cold water and the heck with the dogs! I'm in it!

No, seriously, just turn off the lights, stand in front of a window that has a breeze, and lift your boobs up.
It'll feel so cool you'll wonder why you don't do that everywhere!

Well, except of course, they'de arrest you for indecent exposure.

Jean said...

Corby, heh. I have sympathy for you too.

Larry, she could have asked me to go too!! (whining here)

Mick, must be the new meds. Bwahaha!

Berry, #1-I have a/c, I don't run it.
#2-long cold showers (no snakes to watch for).
#3-There have been no breezes, so there's no point in flashing :-)

(You always get quiet when Steve is gone.)

boneman said...

not quite the quiet type.
I've ruined a canvas painting and repainting and repainting it (I dunno....depending on what point you call painting it, seven or five times.
Canvas is tough, but, it gets wimpy after that many turpentione washes, so not very quiet outside on the driveway when I do that.

Been battling with trying to get large pictures to show when I want them to show, but, likely I'm going to just suck it up and put lil pictures up....create seperate links in the words to make the big pictures.
So, I holler at the computer some.
Stupid mcafee keeps blinging in to tell me that my spamware is past due.
I don't care.
I don't want it, anyway.
Virus protection? Yeah! Spam protection?
Those dumbbells!
And there are two chouices when it pops up with that stupid bell....
#1 buy the spam protection
#2 Remind me later

I don't want it later.
I don't want it now.

Is there a button to stop this from coming back forever?
Yeah....when it comes time to renew the service (next March)

Then there's keeping the political blog current....
I dunno.
Hardly anyone goes there. Even after folks complained about it being too much video and not enough opinion, I changed to solid opinion with news back-ups.
Hardly anyone came.
Today I went back to videos of news items.

Right now, though, I have this clear vision of you in that shower.....
room for one more?

Joan of Argghh! said...

This is my favorite blogpost of the summer! Hehehehe!

dianne said...

Hey Jeannie I'll send some cold breezes 'air express' from here it has been seriously cold. :)

Where do you live Corby girl, the North Pole? Must be freezing cold! :)

Jean said...

Berry, wouldn't that steam things up? :-)

Joan, why thank you!

Dianne, send all the cool air you can! How cold is cold for you there?

Anonymous said...

... stay cool!..

dianne said...

Its been 44degrees and below, not freezing like the snowfields but the wind chill makes it feel icy. :)

Jean said...

Dianne, we need to find a way to split the difference. Almost 6:30 pm here and still 92 degrees.

That 1 Guy said...

Whenever I'm up in the Bay area, I have tons of ideas for posts. But as soon as I get home, they're all gone.

I think I left my muse in San Francisco.


Jean said...

uh, Joe.... paper? pen? heh :-)