Monday, August 18, 2008

Storm a'comin'...

Looks like we might be getting wet this week.

Mick has a weather map posted of the predicted path.

I'm almost one hundred miles south of him, which also
puts me in that ugly northeast quadrant of the storm
which has the highest winds and the most twisters.

They're only expecting a Category 1 storm, though, which
puts the winds at 74 mph and a bit higher. Not really that
big a deal unless you have lots of tall trees around your house
like Mick does. (Fingers crossed for you, friend.)

Oh. Wait.
I have four very large oak trees in my yard.
Three of which curl over my roof. That could be an oops.

There isn't much to do except stock up on necessities like
canned goods and bottled water. And clear the yard of
anything that might become a projectile in the wind.

It's all a guessing game with a little bit of technology thrown in.
We won't really know until it gets here. Or doesn't.

I probably won't be posting much until I see what's what.
And, I really really really hate that damned phrase the
weather people love to use to death... hunker down.
Stop it already.

UPDATE: Mick just did an 8 pm weather update.
Looks like we'll be fine this time. Probably.


Erica said...

Oh noes - I just said "hunker down" to someone today. Sorry. Uhm....until we think of a suitable alternative, stay safe!

(BTW, I love that pic on your sidebar.)

Jean said...

Thanks, girlfriend.
The weather folks down here have simply beaten that phrase to death!

boneman said...

well, there's always the animal word....


Jean said...

true, true...hehehe.

AspergantuS said...

If'n ya don't like hunker down, try one of these... start a new tradition!

hold firm, stand fast, stand pat, stand firm, hide out, hide, hunker, scrunch up, squat, scrunch, crouch,
sit, sit down, take shelter, sit on one's heels, hold stubbornly to a position

dianne said...

Hope it comes to nothing Jeannie, but if it does keep safe. :) xoxox

Joan of Argghh! said...

"Heave-to" and set the sea-anchors!
Batten down the hatches!
Reef the sails!
Find safe harbor and ride it out.

This one looks more like: settle in with a good book and hope they cancel work on Wednesday!

Meanwhile, the fiddler crabs are gonna invade my porch again!

Jean said...

Mick, I just saw your latest update.
I think we're gonna be fine.

Thanks, Dianne. If it follows the latest track, it should peter out before it gets here.

Joan, I have books and movies galore!
That's my idea of being prepared :-)

Deadman said...

Stay safe, sweetie...

LL said...

Be safe. Looks like that booger came ashore in my old stomping grounds. Since I know how badly the west coast of FL floods......holy schneikies!!

You're in my thoughts regardless of how close Fay is to you guys.

Doom said...

The waiting and worrying can be worse than the weather! I hope you get the all clear sooner than later. Do you have a basement? I don't, so that part bothers me. But with all the water...

What is it with your area? If it isn't on fire, it is either about to be flooded or blown away! Hmm, sounds almost familiar though. :p

My prayers are with you and your friends there.

Jean said...

Thanks, Mark. I decided to stay home today.

LL, they announced this morning that we are under tornado watch all day.

Doom, no basements in Florida :-)
It just started raining here.

Thanks for the good thoughts all.

boneman said...

oh well shoot!
Looks like the danged thing dragged right over ya, gal!
At leasat, as far as our weather dudes are showing.
Melbourne was somewhere in the middle of it....
(what? It hit Aurstralia, too?)

og said...

Keep the clean side up and the dirty side down, lady.

Haven't been here in a while but i have to say I LOVE the picture!!!! Thanks for posting it.

Scott from Oregon said...

I sure miss a good tropical storm...

All that warm air blowin', all that water ...

Enigma said...

Hey Jean, hope all is well.
My mom lives in North Naples...she moved inland to a hotel

I have added to you my blogroll. Thanks for the same!
Best, and keep up the great writing!!


Jean said...

It's been gray and blustery all day but nothing serious. Kinda pleasant, really. Nice reading weather.

Og, good to see you! Don't be such a stranger :-)

Scott, it's been pretty mild so far.

Enigma, thanks for the add!
Naples might get it harder than here. Hope your mom does alright.

Anonymous said...

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