Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I need to make this quick...

We're having power surges and I'm hearing
transformers exploding in the distance.
Could be a rough night.

In the meantime, write some haikus for Sparrow.

You might break my heart.
It will recover stronger.
Can you say the same?

Cut-off time is 10 pm tonight.

I'll be around as I can.


boneman said...

can you believe I got it in on time?

Bring Sparky inside and get out some candles and read or write.

Don't be hanging around those exploding transformers.

Jean said...

Sparky is inside chewing on treats.

I made it right behind you!

Maiden said...

I hope this storm is more exciting than it is terrifying!

Lee said...

Update please!

Hope you're weathering it ok.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Just north of Jean, on the coast, it's pretty rough right now, but seems that we're passing into the calm center.

dianne said...

You and Sparky keep safe, stay in the house dont go wandering around outside, dont they say the bathroom is the safest place in the house?
Thinking of you. :)

Jean said...

Update... we've been in the eye all day. Should be getting the backside of this soon. Yuck.
It'll be ok. So far, so good.

boneman said...

I think Dianne has something there.
The safest place? Well, I'm not entirely sure about safety, but, it's the best place to be so you don't make a mess if the storm gets real bad.

Dang if I didn't hear where the thing is stalling over y'all, now.