Thursday, May 01, 2014

It must be Spring 'cuz the dandelions are blooming...

Sister's platelet count continues to fluctuate from
61,000 to 73,000. After eleven treatments of Kadcyla,
the medical folks have determined that as long as the
platelets stay within this range, she's ok to continue
with the reduced dose every three weeks. So far, she has
no other side-effects (yay!) but we still need to watch for
unusual bruising and/or bleeding.

Church activities are keeping her active. Lent was a busy
schedule of baking and cooking and attending mass.
Easter was siblings, stuffed cabbage, ham and baseball.
Now the church folks are getting ready for their annual yard sale.

Weather last week was beautiful but this week is rainy,
although nothing severe like so many other places.
The first yard mowing will happen soon and when it's 
nice enough long enough, we'll be getting the house painted.

Look at that... a post with no complaints.

Well, except for the Indians and their painful beginning season.
Ah, well. Life ain't perfect, is it?


Anonymous said...



the walking man said...

Life is what it is and never has been perfect: peace out!

Joe said...

You could be rooting for the Cubs! Now that is a bad start to the season.

Anonymous said...

Thrilled you sound so positive about life as it is now and enthusiastic about Spring. Great news about your sister. I continue to remember you and Carol in my prayers. Take care of yourself along the way, Jean.


Jean said...

Fred d:-)

So true, Mark.

But Joe, the Cubs won two!

Thank you, Bonnie. This weather helps.

Doom said...

It's good to hear your news and it not seem as if you are like a cat hanging onto a tree limb higher than your comfort level. Still, if that is what you need to share, do so. Prayers, however, aren't just for the hard and scary times. I just have to be reminded, from time to time.

I just got back from a short camping thing at a music/art/people festival. So I got to see spring through Utah and Arizona. While I do love it out here, I do miss how absolutely lush the MidWest is, so enjoy while you can, and just a bit for me.

Sports teams? I've never had luck with mine. I didn't realize you were a baseball girl. :) Ah well. I'm not happy without something out of place. Maybe you are the same? As *cough* if we had a choice though, innit? :p

Jean said...

Doom, it's greening up nicely here.
Dogwood, apple and cherry trees are starting to bloom. I'm waiting for the lilacs. Your camping thing sounds fun.

I stopped watching the sports I like because Michael bitched and groaned through the whole game. I finally gave up. Let him win again.
That will never happen again for anyone.