Wednesday, May 07, 2014


you can never relax.

Carol was supposed to have chemo yesterday. Platelet count
64,000 (within the range they said was ok)... and the doctor
said "Nope. Come back next week and we'll try again."
Nothing else changed so I'm confused. And frustrated.
I try not to worry too much.

Maybe it's time to go shopping.


Karl said...

Good evening Jean,

Or write a haiku it's less expensive.

The contest is ending. Please stop by for a visit Haiku Monday: The Finale

Jean said...

Hello, Karl. How about both?
You've reeled in a lovely group of haiku-ers. I'll see what might fall out of my brain...just for old times sake.

Thank you for thinking of me.

the walking man said...

Or maybe it is time to ask the damn doctor what the deal is? Oh well Jean, struggle on through.

Jean said...

Doctor was out of town. Hopefully, we'll learn more next week.

Doom said...

I've given up on doctors making sense or keeping to what they agreed. The notion that they are anything but human is often hidden by a professional demeanor and a white coat... and damn cold hands! *brrr* No more... *cough* checking allowed, either. So, now, I just treat them as employees, and not very good ones at that.

Just don't let them worry you. If she is doing well, and you are holding on, just go with it, or ask if you think of it. Hold fast.

Anonymous said...

This might sound stupid, buuutttt ... do you go with Carol into the room with the doctor? For the longest time my husband would not tell me the whole story. He'd tell his buddies, but he wouldn't tell me. I continue to remember both of you in my prayers.


Anonymous said...
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Jean said...

Bonnie, I go with her most of the time now. At first I went all the time. She doesn't really understand all the implications, so I am the one who asks questions.
I'll be going with her next Tuesday and if they give her the chemo, then I'll go with her for the follow-up with the dr ten days later.

Thank you for your prayers.