Monday, February 01, 2010

Slow rain...

Three days like this. slow rain.
blanket gray sky. still air.
dull light.
and slow rain.

you must look for it on purpose.
no announcing rumble or
flashing light blades. only slow rain.

slow rain does not fall in drops, it seems.
but a veil of wet that lays itself
silently, softly across the outside world then gathers
tiny pellets that roll, slide
and dangle off all edges

slipping to the ground below.
slow drip...slow drip...slow drip.

all day. through the night.
slow rain.


boneman said...

I like the stylized wording.

foam said...

slow rain inspires it seems ..

the walking man said...

Te drizzle of words lead to a drop and the drop to the imagery. may your drops fall to soft ground and not on tin cans. That would tend to irritate me ping ping ping ping ping.

Well done jean!

Jean said...

Thanks, dear. this one got a bit of editing but, I like it.

Foam :-) I tend to be weird like that. Gimme some ugly weather and a matching mood and the words often flow (not always but often).

Mark, ha! I'd have to get out there and remove that damned tin can, fer sure! Thank you.

kdzu said...

One of those nights that used to lead to cuddling, cuddling to more..
No more.

Jean said...

Larry, sounds like a great way to spend those kinds of days.
Wishing you more.

bearly domesticated boneman said...

and as for me, wishing more together

Jean said...

me too! ♥

Anonymous said...

.... very nice, ma'am...... and hey, I will be up in the ice and clouds very soon!.....