Friday, February 26, 2010

crap. crap. crap...

Is it good? Is it bad? Is it better?

It's life.

It doesn't really change.
Some days are better than others.

At times, it feels like slogging through swampland.
Sinking a bit while flailing against the thick, hanging
vines and sticky cobwebs that impede progress even
more than the mucky path alone.

And, while flailing furiously, keeping a (paranoid?) eye out for
nasty critters hunching in and behind what is thought
of as debris but is really quite natural for that environment.


Does that mean I am out of my environment? Or, is my focus
on the immediate obstacles overriding any observation, and
possible enjoyment, of things outside my tunnel vision?

If I widen my view, do I stumble over the obvious or can I keep
all elements, near and far, in their correct perspective?

Is life a swampy jungle or a rolling ocean?
Or both?
If so, then do I not need to continue slogging but
also be prepared to ride the waves?

Wait a minute...

where the hell did I put my life preserver?


boneman said...

right next to the shark cage and scuba gear, dear.

Lee said...

You're talking medicinal brandy, right?

Jean said...

Thank you, honey. What would I do without you?

and, Lee! I knew I forgot to re-stock. Damn.

the walking man said...

Life be mountains and a good walking stick is a necessary element for turning rocks over to get to the things neath them. Think Shrooms Jean

Jean said...

Mark, ha!

Freddie said...

I'm really starting to believe that we're supposed to trudge through all the crap here, so we can get to the really good stuff later.

Cappy said...

I don't know about swampy jungles or rolling oceans. Here in Cleveland it's a frozen tundra.

Jean said...

Freddie, could be. All I know is that I don't know. Mostly.

Cappy, I am from Ohio so I know whereof you speak. (welcome!)

curmudgeon said...

Did you leave it amidst the lilacs?

Jean said...

Dave...ha! maybe ;-)