Tuesday, February 02, 2010

oh, darn...

don't know you.
do know them.
you remind me of them.
too bad, since
I'm not at all
fond of them.


the walking man said...

Love the flexing of the ability to twist the logic.

boneman said...

Ah, but knowing you
the way that I do
makes me overlook the others who...
Seem to be the very worse
and that make my soul curse
or at least sound so very terse...

Of any group there's one
who has good deeds and done
and tries to lift your soul up to the Sun.
and would never do you harm.
never meaning to alarm,
but rather tickle you with witty words and charm.


Jean said...

Mark, this was one that just oozed up through my brain and landed in my notebook. Thanks, always, for your critical eye.

Berry, you always lift me up ♥