Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You got nooooooo idea...


Three dumpsters later
I can almost see the floor.
This has got to stop!

Click on the clutter link up there ^ and add
your mess to Sparrow's Haiku Contest.

Deadline is midnight tonight.

UPDATE: it is now Thursday. You have until Friday
morning to vote for your favorite haiku.


CONNELL said...
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CONNELL said...

first, that was it a case of not wanting to gain a year....

You do realize this is your 58th year, right?
I mean, as far as the world looks at it, you and I are 57 (me any minute now....)
but the reality is....this is the 58th time you've seen my birthday.

Not that you knew what it was before.

Jean said...

you and your logical mind. I was perfectly content thinking of myself as 57. sheesh.

boneman said...

ok, quick. Go over and see the pictures.

How do I know you can see them, now?
Because I just went back and they're red X boxes for me!


Jean said...

You fixed 'em!

I came up with another haiku at work today...too late for the contest, but...

ohhhh, clutter clutter.
ohhhh, mutter mutter mutter.
ohhhh, clutter clutter.

kdzu said...

One persons clutter is another persons treasures. Me.....I cleaned off the desk last week. Right now......It's piled high again.

Some people would call it a mess...
I call it a nest.

Doom said...


Three dumpsters? A lot of time there, I hope. Though, I doubt if it is as bad as it sounds (I have seen bad, one woman had 3 to 4 feet of debris on her floor, she just lived above it, ouch). My place is giving up it's past too, a bit. But I only had one dumpster, which is all I could do in three years.

What is it that must stop, the deconstruction of your life history or the collections which plagued you to fill three dumpsters with memories? Ack, is there one answer?

Just thought I ought to stop in. Nice place, neater feeling, somehow, for sure. *grins*

boneman said...

hey, pretty good haiku if you ask me moo.

(I dunno, it just felt right there)
(you when you catch a bear
scratchin' his derrierre,
you know you'll be rare
if you go bother him there
because a carninivore bear
eats their meats very rare.)

Anyway, nice haiku, you.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew what a Haiku was.

Winston said...

You said a while back that you were going to do a lot of de-cluttering before you could even think about moving. Is this what you're doing?

Anonymous said...


base 10

one two three four five
one two three four five six se
one two three four five

base 16 (hexadecimal)

zero one two three four
five six se ven eight nine a
b c d e f

and finally, binally

zero zero one zero one
one one one zero one zero zero
zero one one zero one

thank you -- good day -- have happy

¤ ¤ ¤

>8---:} )

Jean said...

Larry, a nest is a specific collection of clutter. Organized clutter!

Doom - 25 years gathers much moss.
Moss can smother.

ah, Berry...thanks again for a chuckle.

Jack - your son knows, remember?

Winston, been doing it for a while. Yep, it's part of the preparation.

Ted... !!!!! wow.