Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day perspectives...

In case you forgot to remember, read these...

Fat in Indiana


Ambulance Driver

Bill and Bob's Adventure


hoosierboy said...

thanks for the love

boneman said...

well, gal. I for one forgot. Actually had mail out in the box, flag up, wondering why there wasn't a lick o'traffic up our road.

Oh, well, ok. I guess it doesn't matter what day it is, there's rarely a lick of traffic up this road, eh?

Anyway, I got to talking to Duff (another artist up here) and he mentioned that my mailbox exercise may be in vain.
I told him it wasn't in vain. It was right here in Kirkland, Indiana.


I'm a vet, I'm allowed to try to forget.

Jean said...

You're welcome, HB.

Berry, I'm sorry.