Saturday, May 31, 2008

Make believe...

Let's pretend
we're an old
married couple,
Still in love and
still liking each other.
We know the
sweet spots
and the soft spots.
We can still find
the hot spots.
I'll cook your
favorite dinner.
We'll watch a
favorite movie.
...what do you mean,
it's getting late?
When did you join
a bowling league?


AspergantuS said...

Great post, but I confused... I'm not sure if it's funny as hell or sad as hell. I can see both in it

AspergantuS said...

This one blows me away for some reason. I keep coming back to read it over and over again, and I can still NOT figure out if it's sad, funny, sadly funny or funny in a sad way.
Kudos to you for making a loud mouth come to a screeching halt...

Jean said... is true with so many things in life, it could go many different ways. Thanks.

Deadman said...

So was it a strike or a gutter ball? that'll answer Mick's questions.

Joe said...

Like Mick, I can't decide if it is happy or sad. That makes it art. I do know this is my favorite poem of yours.

ghartstein said...

Anyone who has ever been married - or started feeling the "memory drain of age" - can relate to this. Nice!

Been a while - hope you're well.


phlegmfatale said...

lovely to consider

h said...

Congrats on Haiku victory.

Anonymous said...


Oh my goodness......have you been peeking in my windows??


Jean said...

Mark, I don't have that answer.

HB, thanks. Would be nice to think there is still hope.

Mr G, it has been too long! Stop being a stranger, k?

Phlegmmy, thank you.

Thanks, Troll!

Beansgal...nuh uh...not you two. No way!

Anonymous said...

.... I think it is sad..... very, very sad......


Michelle said...

Sad in a "this is real life" kind of way. Yet, who the hell wants real life anyway?

Me, oh me, please me! Yells the little girl inside. The one I have been methodically squashing, bit, by bit, by bit.

You continue to inspire, thanks lady!

curmudgeon said...


Mark said...

Me likey!

Anonymous said...

Great Poem L'il Jean. I too see both fun and sadness in it.

Liquid said...

I love playing make believe....

Faith said...

Wow, my God how this hit home for me. It was very sad and made me hurt with where I am. But as I re read it I can see the funny part in a distant kind of way.

I really like reading your words. Some times they are so deep.

Jean said...

Eric...nothing at all like what you have, is it? Thankfully.

Michelle...don't squash that little girl! You need each other.

Dave... *sigh* ;-)


Thanks, Mrs JG.

Liquid,'s fun once in a while.

aw, Faith...I hope things work out well for you.

Scott from Oregon said...

this one cracked me up.