Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Haiku and Update...

You guys do realize that I can only blog from
home, right? No net access from workee.

Your phone calls, emails and comments voicing
your concern and offers of help have touched
me deeply. Thank you all, so much.

We seem to be in the clear here for now.
Still smoldering some but, things are under control.

Now for more fun stuff...
It's Wednesday and Sparrow has chosen the topic for
her Weekly Haiku Contest: HEROES.

You only have until midnight tonight to submit your entry.
Get to it!


kdzu said...

Dang........and here I was waiting to hear that you had to evacuate to the north.....I coulda been there in 6 or 8 hours.
Glad to hear every thing is OK Darlin'.

dianne said...

Thats good news Jean, glad you and Sparky are out of danger. :-)

Jean said...

Dear Larry... after your truck gets fixed, keep your keys handy. This could easily go on all summer.

Dianne... thanks, dear. I hope it's done, but we never know.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're okay. Just remember, The Asper dude is not that far away.

Jean said...

Yeah, he reminded me of that. :-)
Thanks, Jack.

Anonymous said...

Funny that
You out there alone
Hope you're well

Liquid said...


Jean said...

Anon - 'funny'?...I'm missing the humor. Who are you?

Liquid :-)

boneman said...

Are ya kiddin' me?
It ain't Wednesday, girl.
It's Thursday, and do you know what that makes me?

Dang! And after that's flippin' Thursday already!

Ah well.
Still a good book.
Got two camvases primed (he does it WAY different than i did, so, it pretty much took today.
I mean he primes different. It really makes me wonder just how much I don't know, y'know?

Anyway, now I gotta figure out a haiku for being late.

Honey, I'm pregnant.
No, that doesn't work for me.
incorrect 'late', eh?

boneman said...

no kiddin', but it'de sure get attention.

boneman said...

thanx, gal.

Now if I could just find an inflatable girl to take out on the town.

Jean said...

She wouldn't laugh at your jokes the same way :-)