Saturday, August 19, 2006

Suicide is not painless...

The truth is that there are people who want to die.
No amount of love, logic, reason or money will make them happy in life.
Wish them well. Let them die.
Move on with your own life..
Don't let them take you with them.

March 14, 1951 - August 9, 1997

You're dead. Go away.


Anonymous said...


Wishing you(?) strength.

Jean said...

Freddie - thank you, dear. My husband committed suicide. Has taken me a long time to deal with that in a healthy way...but, I'm ok now.

k said...

It looks like this is the first anniversary of his suicide that arrived after you started blogging.

My thoughts are with you. FWIW.

kdzu said...

Your poem has a healthy theme to it. We can look back with sadness, as long as we realize that we are responsible for our own happiness. Of which I wish you a great amount.

Jean said...

k - it happened in 1997. It's been a long road, but I made it.

k.d. - yes, I finally took back the power to control myself.

thank you both.

Bane said...

Like I always say, suicide is the sincerest form of self-criticism. Nothing says "I suck" better than putting a bullet in your own head. Or whatever.

Jean said...

bane - you are absolutely right. In spite of his good points, he had no use for himself.

(I am so thrilled you left a comment.)

Bane said...

It seems you were his only good point.

boneman said...

ah, the infinite past.
knows no time or boundaries at all.
only just when is the worse time to call.

Well, good fer you gal, buried him again.
what a moron t'bring you such pain.
Leave him t'push up daisies and feed worms.
Don't ferget t'wash yerhands of him, y'don't want any of his germs.

Jean said...

Bane - thank you, dear man.

Boneman - it is finally time to close that door.

AspergantuS said...

There is strength in your words and there is strength in you. You are, therefore you live. Be at peace dear Lady....

Jean said...

Mick - I am thankful that I have, finally, begun enjoying life again. Thank you.