Friday, August 04, 2006

Before You...

There's something else
I'm meant to do
before I spend
my time with you.

Complete myself
with no regret
for missing what
I don't have yet.

It's up to me,
edges smoothed
and chains untangled.

It isn't selfish
that I'm being.
The purge, the clean
allows my breathing.

So, let me be
for just a while.
Live your life
and let me smile.

The day will come,
not far away,
I'll offer free
my heart away.


boneman said...

Hard t'say if he really tries t'break the bonds of which he cries. Maybe yes, maybe not so much, maybe just afraid t'get back in touch.

would ya look what hangin' with ya poets has done, here?
I mean. the difference is fine and all....
but m'words don't always sound so clear
but, I guess they didn't always walk as much as crawl.

boneman said...

wait a minit....wait a minit....what the dickens is happening here? Have I flipped?
Have I slipped? Has someone slipped me acid and I tripped?

Too much sugar, not enough protien
the effects of which are easily seen.
Potatoe chips fer dinner, dear?
"what's potatoes, precious," is what I hear.

Time t'pack up and go home I 'spect. Else the dogs'll give me disrespect.

Jean said...


boneman said...

Since it's midnight here, m'dear
I know it's midnight there too, I fear.
Yer ride will turn t'pumpkin and mice
unless ya take this short advice

Go sleep, and dream of grassy green lawns
soft rivers and the rising dawns.

Jean said...

advice is taken
with much regret
the evening play is joy.
your puppies are waiting
their dinner is late-ing
they've probably chewed a toy.

g'nite dear sir.

boneman said...

And, how close y'are t'the deed done. But, neither toys or even rocks.
Instead they took their grief out on a pair of innocent socks.

boneman said...

The trick seems to be' then
t'know exactly when
t'sneak over and leave a quick note....
Then much later, y'see, when ya get tired of ol' me, I mention that there's something else I wrote.

Jean said...

tired of you?
not here, sir.
however, if you'll look,
I left two more for you, sir.
we need to start a book.

boneman said...

AHA! You did sneak up t'there
didn't ya?
And, y'tricky thing, ya, I was tryin' t'find ya
But, y'made it even, didn't you?
And, then while searching, y'found this here, lurching around in yer comment box.
Reckon I fergot, y'do have a clue, I'm a rabbit like you, not a fox.

Grease Wheel said...

It's a pleasant surprise to stumble across your blog.

I love fiction and the written word, and you seem to have a knack for both!

You are obviously talented and I look foreward to reading more of your creations in the future!

k said...

too funny! oh, you guys are mighty fine!

Jean said...

aff man....glad you liked what you read here.....thanks!

k....we did that allllll day long on our comments and e was a hoot!

I'm not even supposed to be here today said...

Are you and boneman having some sort of poetry contest... a rap battle, perhaps??

I liked this one. Nice work, Jean

Jean said...

thanks Rach...

Boneman says associating with all us poets has infected him..... he is a blast!

Living Dees Life said...

you guuys that was great :)

Jean, once again, excellent work.

boneman said...

Tricky rabbit, found yer tracks again, and thankyou fer visitin' there.
And the jokes ya sent were funny, though not as funny as the critters!

I laughed and laughed m'fool head off at several, the cow lickin' the dog,
The "security dog", the kittens sleepin' on dog, but, the best? Water drinkin dog!

boneman said...

And, as fer dogs, I had t'bring one in today
to the vet, but ggod news, he's well enuf t'stay.
Got some pills and instructions and times t'do the things
Though tis hard t'bring back a puppy that in his sixteens.

boneman said...

Surely yer boss can see
y'need t'do some more poetry?
This one's gettin' old.
My, aren't I being bold?
'Course I know these things aren't neccessarily for t'read.

Jean said...

Boneman...patience, dear man.... composing is in process...:)

boneman said...

Got ya a free post, gal.
This is where yer supposed t'put the three sentences, and then, by golly, tag three others.
You get an easy post and so, everybody's happy.

loria said...

I enjoy reading all your post. They are good.

Jean said...

loria.....thank you so much... I hope to have more soon.