Friday, August 18, 2006


dark room
at noon.

full bed

soft pillow
of pain.

arms reaching

cold chill
in summer.

of warm.

silent scream
dry tears.

gone but
still here.

last memory
first thought.


Grease Wheel said... about the epitome of loneliness

boneman said...

whatcha doin' down there, gal?

fergot the laughter already?

I know it sounds incongruant, but hell.

Ya gotta find yer course and just hold steady.

Yet, I'll be the first t'point out
laughter has its drawbacks, no doubt.
Add distance and it's lost
and at what a dear cost.
But, there's little sense in goin' back t'pout.

No, and you know that i know long time pain.
seems like sometimes there's no way t'gain
a grip on a life
full of innane utter strife
But, screw it, just on the horse get back again!

Hey, you convinced me to try.

and though I'de rather not, and just sit in the dark.

I'm planning on putting away my "cry"

And get back in the saddle and have a damn fine lark of a spark!

(win or lose,
don't want the blues
no more, not fer me!
Want some more of that glee!)

Flea said...

Jean, thank you for visiting my blog, I am very glad I came over for a visit, I liked what I found.
Australian greetings :)

Jean said...

hannelie...glad you like my work... looking forward to visiting your blog again.

affirmation man...yep, it can suck
...fortunately, I don't feel that way all the time.'s ok, dear man...this is just how I have felt at times... but definitely not right now.

Liquid said...

Your words echo through my very soul. I relate to much you have shared. It is good to scream them to the world! I'll be back very soon. I'm gonna add you to my link list........Must share you with others!

Jean said...

liquid - I am flattered, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Damn Jean-I absolutely love your writings. I'm all about simplicity
(yet needing to rid my life of things)but in all aspects I like simple. You are able to write your dynamite into a small package. It not only effects me emotionally, mentally and spiritually,-also physically-it's like old stale air is purged from my lungs-to bring in fresh-hey I'll call it my air tears!!- Thank-you I thoroughly enjoy this even in my unconfortable chair!


Jean said...

Chae - thanks so much for your enthusiastic comments!

It often seems that when I try to expound in length, I bore myself...
but when it flows simply, it conveys clearly and completely exactly what I'm thinking. Simple is good.