Thursday, November 06, 2014

Christmas shopping done...

I may procrastinate in almost everything else, but
Christmas shopping ain't one of 'em.


Hard to believe it was
two years ago today that
I lost Sparky. Still miss him
every day.


Sister is doing pretty well, except for a couple of infections.
About a month ago, she clipped off a hangnail and her thumb
got infected. Took more than two weeks of heavy antibiotics
to clear it up. Then, last Friday, she looked like she had a 
black eye. Went to the oncologist and they gave her antibiotics
for an infection in and under her eye. It's just now starting to
look better. Everything else seems fine but still, I worry.


Might be a good time to start stocking up on salt for the driveway.
Snow falling on sidewalks will be here too soon.


Hope ya'll are doing well.


the walking man said...

They are forecasting a superstorm for the Aleutians in Alaska, welcome the cold but i doubt you'll see snow. Take rock salt and mix it with calcium chloride it will work at lower temperatures and be slightly better for your concrete.

Jean said...

Thanks, Mark. You're right, I think the snow will be somewhere else for a while.

Anonymous said...

Jean, I doubt the time you don't worry about your sister will ever get here.

We got our first dusting of snow yesterday and today 1-2" additional snow forecasted. This is not a good time for slippery snow -- my dog tore her ACL and had surgery last Monday. Poor thing has major problems making it up & down the deck stairs. I feel so sorry for her.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's just around the corner!


Jean said...

Bonnie, we're getting a light dusting right now. Ah, well, we'll survive.

Ohhh, your poor puppy! I hope she heals quickly.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.