Sunday, November 02, 2014

Beaches, Birds and Butterflies...

Best thing I've done for myself
in a very long time.

First day, we went to the beach, cuz I wanted to make sure it was 
still there. It was.
The soothing low roar, the salt in the air and the
palm trees cleansed my soul.
A trip to beautiful Winter Park for a luxurious lunch and followed
by a stroll through the Audubon Bird Refuge made for another
double highlight day.
Then there was a trip to a huge plant nursery to walk through
their butterfly habitat.

I was treated to a belated birthday dinner at Carrabas and then a movie.

Delicious food every day and amazing company with dear friends
made my four days there perfect. I came home a much happier person.
I didn't realize how much I needed a break to wind down from the
past two and a half years.

Good friends make life better. 
Thank you, Jan (and the whole gang)!



J Cosmo Newbery said...


Unknown said...

So glad we had some time together, with perfect weather! Happy to make some new memories with my best buddy! Remember, our door is always open to you...hope we can do it again. Love you, My Friend

Jean said...

J Cosmo, excellent and then some!

Jan, it could not have been better.

the walking man said...

Everyone needs to drop the baggage for a time and travel effortlessly.

Jean said...

Mark, the perfect explanation for what I did.

Unknown said...

We loved seeing you! May your beachy memories keep you warm this winter! Hugs to you!

Jean said...

Thank you, Shanon, they'll certainly help! Hugs back atcha.