Thursday, November 27, 2014

a long list of thankfuls...

Happy Thanksgiving
every day, some way, somehow.



Doom said...

If nothing else, considering the picture, at least it is not we who get boned? :) Sorry, had to say that.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a nice meal and pleasant company. I hope your sister is doing well enough to enjoy as well, sisters actually.

Jean said...

That bone is for making a wish. ;-)

I hope your Thanksgiving was as lovely as ours here. All siblings are doing extremely well.

the walking man said...

My 4 month old grandson did make it through surgery well, and in that there is thanks to be had.

Jean said...

That's wonderful, Mark!

boneman said...

You got a trip to Florida and all you got was a turkey wishbone?

Well, at least it stayed warm for ya when you were down there. Plus you got to see friends (family)

About the cold weather, though, perhaps this might help?
We're on a very near latitude as Madrid, Spain. That's right. In fact, if this was Spain instead of Indiana, I would be a few miles North...short enough to ride a bike to Madrid. Well, not if it should rain, of course. I've heard that the rain in Spain lands mainly in the plain, but I always wonder...WHO says another is plain? Could be fancy.
wait...what was I talking about?

Oh yeah. The wishbone.
Did you ever hear of the cliche "use it or lose it"?
Then don't save a "wish" forever. Snap the bone with someone.

(I don't have to. never know when good luck will pour out on you, if you're paying attention)