Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NOT my favorite obligation...

If I counted correctly, tomorrow will be the
eighth funeral we've attended in two years.
All relatives. All in their 80s except for Aunt Helen
who made it to 101.

Tomorrow is for Uncle Kenny, who was Mom's
youngest brother and last surviving immediate family member.
I wrote a bit about him just before I moved to Ohio.
Click on his name above for a refresher if you care to.

All the other funerals were for relatives from Dad's side
of the family. It's almost redundant to have family reunions.
This time I expect to see relatives from Mom's side that
I haven't seen in decades. Many in 30-40 years.

Events like this can make a person feel old. And mortal.


Doom said...

I don't know. While I hate funerals, for their stated reason, if I do like to honor the dead, I sure like seeing family members. Eight in two years is a bit much though. I'd cut back. It's good to be a guy, such behavior is tolerated well. Of course, if you are still going to them... it means they haven't held yours yet.

I'm actually a little jealous of those in the casket. Just a little. Urhm, most of them.

Relax and just... remember those people, in the time you knew them. Heck, be a kid again. You seem to be, but it's easy to forget sometimes. Good luck.

the walking man said...

*shrug* I'm up to 5 so far this year none of them blood kin though. The good thing about age is learning to roll with it.

Jean said...

Doom, catching up with family was a bonus. Uncle Kenny would have liked seeing us re-connecting.

Mark, seeing the family numbers declining so quickly makes it harder.

Jess said...

Funerals are where you're returned to school, sit in the back, refuse to raise your hand and hope the teacher doesn't call on you.

Jean said...

hmmm...must be why I exited to the lobby after the viewing when they brought in the incense and started the mass for the dead, Jess.

Anonymous said...

I hope friends and family comfort you during these trying times. I always try to remember the deceased for their good deeds and the good times shared.

Just this week 2 deaths - one of my cousins died (only 51 yrs old), and a dear girlfriend of a dear friend, one of the soldiers I adopted in 2005 while he was in Iraq. Why do I grieve more for the girlfriend I never met? Perhaps because I know how much my soldier loved her.


Jean said...

oh, Bonnie, I'm so sorry about your losses.
I understand the pain you feel for your soldier in his loss. I'm sure he appreciates your concern for him.
May he and your cousin's family remember the good in both lives and allow that to help them, and you, heal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jean.