Monday, September 07, 2020

You know what I wish?...

I wish TV would drastically cut down on
their cancer commercials.

I fully understand that education of all types is needed
to promote research and awareness but it seems almost

You know my sister has been dealing with breast cancer
(metastatic now) for more than eight years.
She does not need to be reminded of all the statistics
and details of every type of the disease, treatment options
and warning signs every minute of every day without end. 

She worries enough as it is. I see it in her eyes.

It's too much.



Doom said...

I just cut the cord about fifteen years ago, twenty if you count with my last ladytype. I can't handle the constant barrage of buy, buy, buy, do this, don't do that, etc. I just can't. It's not even as if they stop at the commercials, it's embedded in the shows and many movies.

I wish I had an option. I know reading can be good, but it's... difficult, especially for the ill. I haven't quite gotten fully into audiobooks, but even that has to have limits.

I wish I had an option. I surf the net, using the Brave browser, which really cuts a lot of advertising out, most of it.

Jean said...

Yeah, it is hard.
She doesn't read much or use the internet at all, so the newspaper and TV are pretty much it.