Wednesday, September 09, 2020


 Would have been our 42nd wedding anniversary today.

Haven't thought about that anniversary in a long time.
No idea why I did today.
I usually remember the day he died. 8-9-97.

( anyone figured out how to single space in new blogger?)


Doom said...

Life sneaks up on you like that too? It... just happens. I don't do dates, I think that's a girl thing. But... faces, events, loves... the living and the dead, now that I remember more.

Single spacing? I was having trouble getting it to double space! Stupid thing. That and some other problems, I went back to the old way. They either can't, or won't, do it right. Ever, somehow. They keep trying to make it all singular. If, even then, the wrong singular... new or foreign singular. Bleh.

Jean said...

Yeah, you're right. Girls remember the dates of everything.

I'm not liking the new format. It wasn't broke!

Doom said...

Well go back. I didn't think it would be easily possible, but it was.

I just find it hilarious that we have the opposite problem, somehow, with the same system! How... messed up must it be that we can not get what we want, in the opposite direction, on the same system... somehow? It... is pretty funny. At least to me.

I am sort of jealous of women and date memory. I can't remember my mother's birthday. I have it down to one of two days of the year. Then again, I think she messes with me, and changes the date... did every other year. I think I have it recorded differently, from her. She might have been trying to get me to be on time? Bleh. Doesn't work well with man minds.

Jean said...

I had our anniversary date engraved on his Zippo lighter.

I will use the old version as long as possible.

Doom said...

Zippo, now... oddly, that I'll remember. Not the date, mind you. :p

Men. Women. Both such odd creatures. I wouldn't have it any other way. It was that story that introduced us. Bane... I found you through that old devil. Strange world. Prayers for all.

Jean said...

Dear Bane. Such a unique individual.

Prayers to you, also.

Doom said...

How odd. I really thought him quite... normal. I am not sure I want to hear what you think of me, then. *laughing... nervously*