Tuesday, February 11, 2020

tid-bits & trivia...

Did you ever lay down
in a grassy field
or maybe your own
backyard that
was too small for
even a puppy to run free
to breathe deep and
watch the clouds
change shape? Then
fall asleep and dream?
Who forgives and forgets?
Not I.
The pain and the pictures
never leave.
Never should.
It's a myth and a lie
confession cleans the slate.
What's done is done.
Once lived is learned. 


I'm only responsible
for what I'm thinking
when I'm writing.
Everyone else is responsible
for what they're thinking
when they're reading.


Tell me a story
with just enough lies to keep
me from yawning and
closing my eyes.


Other words
make other worlds
come together.


they like you
better after you're dead.


the walking man said...

What a great display of understanding realities that few seem willing to accept Jean. I particularly perked up at the "I am responsible for what I think when I write and you are responsible for what you think when you read..."


R's Rue said...


Jean said...

High praise from a Master. Thank you, Mark.

Thank you, Rue...and welcome.

Doom said...

It almost sounds as if someone is a might miffed? Memories? Understandings, if not always directly expressed... just sneaky suspicions? Oh, Lord, don't I know it. I hope I am not in there, or if so that there was sweet with the bitters... or not but the sting was tight and reasonable? ;p Be well, Kitten.

Jean said...

Actually, these were blurbs jotted in a notebook over about three months. Other than the first one, I kept waiting to expand the others but it didn't happen. Since my creative output has been so skimpy lately, I just said "oh, to hell with it" and decided to post 'em all at one time. Sometimes I write things that I hesitate to publish. I need to get over that. Miffed only at myself.

Glad to see you're up and around again.

Joe said...

It is weird seeing Kipnis in a Cubs uniform

Jean said...

I agree. And, his contract with them is a slap in the face...kick in the ass. So many veterans seem to have been demoted.
I think baseball is in serious need of new leadership.