Sunday, December 24, 2017

It's been a while...

Doing holiday only posts is pretty lame.
Even though I still visit your blogs and sometimes
comment, I just haven't found any interest in posting
here. Guess I need a kick in the ass. Volunteers?  

Carol has been doing fairly well. They told us a
few months ago that the cancer was spreading again.
They originally diagnosed her with inflammatory
breast cancer. Now they call it metastatic.
The new chemo is Tykerb. It's a pill and she takes
five once a day. 

It took a while to get her started on the new meds.
The hospital knew it was expensive, so they did a
search for the cheapest pharmacy and found it in
Flint, Michigan. Even so, the co-pay is over $1000.
Fortunately, the pharmacy hooked her up  with a
grant that will help for about a year. 
Wash, rinse, repeat.

This is what she has to look forward to and it's beginning
to wear her out mentally. I headed to the grocery store
and asked her if she needed anything and she said,
"Yeah, a new body."  She's been cooped up for two
weeks, trying to get over a cold and that's adding to
her worrying. I should've asked Santa for a magic
lamp with a genie to grant wishes. 

As far as my diabetes, I finally got to see an 
endocrinologist back in September. I want him to take
me off insulin completely. I asked for metformin instead.
He won't do cold turkey, so we're lowering the dosage
gradually and added metformin. I hate insulin.

I understand insulin can be a life-saver in many cases but
what they don't tell you is that it makes you gain weight.
And then they tell you how bad it is to be overweight. 
My first year on insulin I gained 65 pounds.
I've been trying to lose weight for a year and a half.
I've lost about 7 pounds. Seriously. Insulin has to go.

I have one cup of coffee with half and half for breakfast.
I don't eat lunch or limit it to eggs.
Dinner is protein, veggies, limited carbs.
I drink water all day. A diet soda once every week or two. 
Can't remember the last time I had a cookie or a donut.

I will say that taking metformin and reducing insulin has
kept my glucose level in a very good range. 80 to 115 unless
I cheat on the carbs, which is rare.
And my A1c has gone from 6.7 a year ago to 5.7 when it
was tested this week.  I'm happy about that.
I see the endo-guy again in January. 
The man better make some serious changes this time because
if he doesn't I will continue to make the changes my damn self.

In the mean time, I'll be glad when the holidays are over.



Jean said...

FYI: For some reason, blogger won't let me change my email address in my profile. I haven't used gmail in years.
What I do use is beauvoirglass at aol dot com.

Joe said...

Merry Christmas

I took myself off of insulin after about four months.

My doc has me on a ton of different meds. Metformin, glimiperide, farxiga, januvia, and a once weekly injection, Trulicity. I would rather take all of those instead of insulin and my Doc agrees.

My sugars spiked this summer but I’m getting them back in control. Mostly I did not eat right, especially carbs at night. My weight is back down. I weigh less now than I did at any time in the last 35 years—pretty close to what I weighed when I graduated high school.

Praying for you all and best wishes for a Merry Christmas, blog buddy

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about all the problems you and Carol have been tolerating. I pray both of you are blessed with restored health in the new year.


Doom said...

Merry Christmas, anyway. I'd rather see you grumpy and still climbing in the ring for a few rounds than giving up.

Even with daily fasting (18 of 24 hours), and adding multi-day fasting, going with low carbs, this time blood sugar isn't budging. So, after going w/out food for two days at bsugar at 215ish (no change) I said hang it and went for pizza and regular soda... no change. It'll work eventually, always does. Blah.

I'm still chuckling at your pouting. Return the favor. Isn't meant to be mean. It' s just well worth the risk, I think. :p And prayers your way. Might even do a rosary for you and Sis, per, should that be ameanable. For health and such.

the walking man said...

I dunno I take both insulin (2 kinds) and metformin--I eat 1 meal a day--and as long as my A1c is cool (6.3) I am good with my regimen. I never obsessed over it--fuck it. The only problem is I started out insulin resistant and now I am even more so--more juice in the needle.

I hopr your sister can find a way within to continue to will herself to a place of peace Jean.

I agree wholeheartedly with your last sentence except I would have simply said fuck it.

Jean said...

Holy cow, Joe. That's a ton of meds.
I see the endo guy next Tuesday. Am prepared to fight.

Dear Bonnie! So glad to see you. Hope your Christmas was blessed.

Doom, a rosary would be lovely.
Your glucose is definitely puzzling.

Mark, I really want to get rid of the excess weight. I'm determined to find some alternative that works.

Thank you all, my friends, for your good wishes and prayers.