Friday, July 01, 2016

I miss the fireflies...

Where have they gone?
When I was young, it seemed there were hundreds
of fireflies blinking in the yard
every summer night.

Now, there are almost none.

Did I kill them?

I used to chase them through the yard
and catch them in my hand and put them
in a mason jar and close the jar with the
lid punched full of holes.

So they could breathe.

I'd keep the jar beside my bed and shake the
jar to make the fireflies blink.

Were they scared?

When I woke up the next morning, the fireflies
were all dead. 
I didn't cry or feel even a little bit sad.
I just emptied the jar in the back yard.

And waited for more fireflies to fill the night and
the mason jar.

Now I understand that nothing lasts forever.
I'm sorry fireflies.


the walking man said...

They are diminished and one wonders about the bees as well.

Joe said...

It is funny how simple things bring joy. I watched a few fireflies blink their secret Morse Code the other night and it brought a smile to my face. I miss he stars. Moving to the city has eliminated even the brightest planets from view.

Jean said...

And the butterflies, Mark.

Joe, I grew up in the country. Stars by the billions.
I miss 'em, too.

Anonymous said...

You've still go it girl. :)

I'm curious about the June bugs. Were they just in certain areas I lived while growing up? Don't get me wrong - I'm don't miss the ugly, crunchy things clinging to all the screen doors.

...But, still, quite the mystery if y'ask me.


Jean said...

(blushing) Thank you, Freddie.
Not sure I'm familiar with June bugs...?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I never learned the scientific name. But they were big, ugly, clumsy, black beetles that were the size of large grapes.
And when they flew they would fall and stuff -- they made loud buzzing noises when they flew and crunchy noises when they fell.



Jean said...

I looked up June bugs. Evidently there are many kinds but... they all are uuuuuglyyy! ew.