Sunday, July 24, 2016


Not one leaf has fluttered
in three days.
All the birds are perched
Bunnies and squirrels are
hogging the shade.
The only people moving are
those crazy baseball players.
Go Tribe.


Doom said...

Got down to the 40's here, last night, as a blessed unusual. But with 90's in the day, and constant... Well, it is summer. At least neither of us(?) has humidity issues? Certainly not like Florida.

Hey, I'd be willing to kick in for ac. I have one in my bedroom, use it from time to time. Sometimes a nap, sometimes a little cool for the home, often at night if it just refuses to cool and I need sleep. Just use the email addy at my blog, the dot g mail one. Really, you should have a little peace from this. I'll even add in a bit for electric, so that won't weight on your mind either, initially... and you can figure out how to use it on your terms.

Jean said...

Doom, you are more than generous.
We'll be OK...supposed to cool down tomorrow.
It's been in the upper 90s with humidity that easily rivals Florida.
I have a good fan, so I'm just being my usual, whiny self.

the walking man said...

I keep Martha and the Vandellas on constant replay. Heatwave. It doesn't cool me off or even make me cool but I'd rather be irritated by a song, which I can turn off than the weather I can not control---yet.

Doom said...

Pride goeth before a heatstroke. Still, be stubborn if you must. The offer is open until I die. I suck at dying, so you've got a pretty good long stretch. Though, in a year or two, getting in touch might be a trick. Trust me, this isn't a stretch. And I have received far more than I can give. Just, if that helps. Anywho...

Jean said...

Mark, accepting what we cannot control is supposed to be good for us, so they say. Providing a distraction makes sense,

Doom, I will keep that all in mind, friend.

Anonymous said...

Temps have been stinkin' hot all month. Sunday's high was 101 with heat index 115. Sky opened and it poured. Now it's stinkin' and sticky. Hate to even open the door to let my dog go outside. I feel for you lacking a/c. My electric bill is sky high - just like the temps. Try to stay comfortable.


Jean said...

oh, Bonnie! We've had nothing as bad as you. (knock on wood).
As long as the fans keep working, we're not too drinking gallons of water.