Sunday, February 27, 2011

a re-run to lighten the mood...

I seeeeeeeee the light...

as dim as it may be...
Hallelujah brothers and sisters,
it is now all right with me.
praise cheeses, hail madre',
let's go and sin no more.
mea culpa, take a gulpa.
don't forget to wash your feet.
speak your tongues and flagellate,
shout the message far and wide.
no more sinners. no more sinners.
be good. let go. let guide.
I want to be as holy
as the neighbors up the street.
help me, help me lawdy.
this could take most of the week.
Amen. Amen. Amen I say to you.
Amen. Amen. Amen and genuflect.
Lettuce prey.

(originally published 3-26-09)


Freddie said...

Praise cheeses and lettuce pray?

K. Thrown in a slice o'ham and squirt o'mayo and I'm down w'dat.


the walking man said...

Instead of flagellate is it ok if I masturbate?

curmudgeon said...

Flagellate is what you said,
but flatulate came into my head.
I couldn't stop giggling,
my belly seriously jiggling,
and my face is totally red.

Jean said...

ooooooooh, Dave. Good one!

Mark, it's your prayer when you say it. Knock thyself out...ha!

Freddie, that is a winner of a sammich!

darkfoam said...

instead of flagellatin' and genuflectin', lets have us some margeritas, hold the salt, followed by
chocolate martinis ...

Jean said...

ooooooooh, girl. I'll be right there!

Anonymous said...

Egg salad
Boiled be thy yoke
Thy shell be gone
And you will be gone
From my plate
As if on bread.

Speaking of bread: Working? You? Phukking YEAH!!! I'm so happy I could... Well I'll just be happy :-)

Had cereal in a "Pondering......" cup at work today. Twice!

Jean said...

Mark, you booger, you. It's good to see you!

Glad to hear the mugs are gettin' some luv.

Jenny said...


Jean said...

irreverence be my name d;-)