Sunday, February 20, 2011


hope goes
with time

meaning leaves
with wasted


boneman said...

time wasted

(your tags...)
so, one doesn't fit.
Change that one and everything looks better right off.
Pretty much the one you can change in a heartbeat...


Jean said...

For me, time wasted always goes with depression. Doesn't change until the mood begins to lift.

darkfoam said...

ack .. i know the mood ..
hang in there!

Jean said...

Thanks, Foam. I know it will pass...again.

Doom said...

Find the darned bottle hope comes in. To tell the truth, like hunger for the truly poor, it is sometimes all there is. Or, something like that. Of course, if the hope is true, it can take you beyond what you might imagine. If it doesn't take you were you want to go, say me out of my home or more into reasonable employ, it does take me to a place where my home is not a cage.

As for meaning. What you write, and well, is the truth. Think of the word "it" for some number of minutes. You will know when to stop. Just say it over and over, even just in your head. At the end of that time, try to spell it or think of what it means. That well is deep. That is easy though, both in the experiment and life... get out of the darned rut! :) Even I figure out how to do that once in a while. *grins*

Michael Morse said...

No such thing as time wasted. It's all valuable, even when it does not appear so, even if for nothing else than comparison.

It's all ebb and flow. So get flowing!

Jean said...

Doom, I guess if there was no iota of hope remaining somewhere, I wouldn't still be here. So, there is that d;-)
And, now I will go off and ponder 'it'.

That's an excellent pov, Michael.
Ebb and flow is precisely what happens. It's getting back to the flow part that kicks my butt sometimes.

Doom said...

Hey, I was just being cheery. I'm in the same sort of fox hole you are. :P I feel like a ground hog and I've been grounded, again, by my own shadow no less! Bah! :)

Jean said...

oh, I took it as cheer, absolutely!
No worries.