Sunday, April 18, 2010

not even...

you have no face
you hold no place
who do you think you are
nothing but
barely there
just another
in the parking lot.


kdzu said...

I met a man from Scotland
Scottie was his name
I'd never seen him before
We'd neither a claim to fame
I sat right down and spoke a while
considering his age I'm but a child
We met as strangers
We parted as friends
Had I not spoke
He'd have taken no note
We only exist
in our minds
and where we spend
a little time
Don't stand alone in the parking lot
while the world passes you by
and thinks of you "NOT"
Extend a hand
Your light shines through
And suddenly becomes "YOU"

darkfoam said...

i like how you wrote this. i like how it reads.
i can interpret it two ways though.. it's easy to become faceless in a parking lot.

usually the only thing i'm worried about in a parking lot is getting from point a to b without running over anybody, having a car back out as i slowly drive by, etc.
and likewise, when i'm walking,
i don't want some ditwit running over me .. :)

Jean said...

Larry, that is beautiful. Truly.
Thank you.
It was written as my interpretation of how some men view women.
No worries, my friend. I have a much healthier opinion of myself.

thanks, Foam... parking lots are sucky places in lots of ways. Sometimes they feel like demolition derbies (derbys ?).

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Sad but, for m any men, true.

Jean said...

JCN, even sadder when a woman accepts that image for herself.

boneman said...

I think that kdzu is right, my dear.
Better to have your friends draw near.
And a higher thought of your self and soul...
Look. See the light over the next knoll?
It shines for you, it's bright and nice.
A big ol' piece of life, please, have a slice.

the walking man said...

Never let some cunt take your parking spot!

Jean said...

Berry...I'm ok.

Mark, indeed!

Jean said...

hmmm...ya know, on some second thought, this poem applies pretty well to the vehicle repair place I was at yesterday. Damn.

Doom said...

Other than the vagina thing, I think I know the sentiment. Then again, without something greater Who loves us, aren't we all, at some point, just another...fill in the blank...?

Well, Him and a few others. Though how to show we love without giving more than we have or through not having anything to give at all? *Hugs* That's all I have... But I mean it, darn it.