Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going places...

Michael Morse has
graciously chosen
me for this blog award.
If you're not reading
him at Rescuing Providence,
shame on you. You're
missing out.

The rules that go with this award are to list five things
about yourself and pass the award on to other bloggers.

Five things about me:

*I've been camping once in my life for one night. Hated it.
I'd be willing to try it again with someone who knows
what they're doing.

*My dream house is a small cottage with a wrap-around
porch, situated outside a small town.

*I've been to six Jimmy Buffett concerts. One in Key West,
one in Melbourne (FL), two in Daytona and two in Akron
at Blossom Music Center.

*I remember sitting at the dining room table, in our house
in Uniontown, and listening to Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty'
on a 78 rpm record, played on the Heathkit Hi-Fi built by my dad.

*As a kid, I expected my grown-up life to be like the tv lives
of Donna Reed, Harriet Nelson or June Cleaver.
Took me a lot of years to wake up from that dream. sheesh.

There ya go. Mui fascinating, no?

Ya'll know how hard it is to limit award choices.
I'm only going to tag two this time: Berry and Tammi.
Wait, one more, Larry.

Michael, thank you again. Good luck with the movie!


Michael Morse said...

Well done, Jean! That image of the little house with the wrap around porch outside a small town has been floating around my noggin for a long, long time...

Jean said...

ha...perhaps we be neighbors someday.

boneman said...

I'de go camping with ya... ( that a snake? No?..what could it be?

"a small town" doesn't sound like the speedway. Maybe Ponce Inlet area? or Ohio...

I was at Jimmies Buffet a couple of times. Hated the mashed potatoes, but, loved the chicken and corn on the cob.

I remember the beginning of dirt. Wow. I didn't think it would get so popular...

As a kid, I kept thinking "how fake" those ladies were. They never hit their kids, never a cross word about mischief, and none of the three of them would ever say "shit" even if they had a mouthful.


Jean said...

I'm not afraid of your snake.

I'll pass on Ponce Inlet.

How can you hate mashed potatoes?

Shoulda bought stock.

To a girl, those ladies were the ideal.


Anonymous said...


Jean said...


Dick said...

*I've been camping once in my life for one night. Hated it.
I'd be willing to try it again with someone who knows
what they're doing."

Umm... Yeah, I've been camping once or twice.
Let's go.

Jean said...

Once or twice, Dick? You soldier guys wrote the book.

Bou said...

You should definitely try it with someone who has experience with it and go with GREAT weather. The weather can truly make or break a camping experience. And then... decide. You may truly absolutely hate it. But I think when you camp with folks who go a lot, it's different than trying to figure it out yourself.

I do prefer my bed.

And I dream of a home with a wraparound porch as well. I even started to look at plans. The bank owns some land I pay on every month, in Alabama, just outside a small town. I dream. I'll probably sell the land to get the kids through college, but for now, it's my mental escape.

Jean said...

Bou, I might get a chance to try camping in Indiana. When I went the first time it was with my husband, who had no experience, and it was a tiny island in a river in FL in the summer. Miserable.

I hope you get your wraparound porch somewhere.