Monday, November 09, 2009

too soon for the moon...

Wandered the beach very late afternoon,
wanting to see the moon rise.
While waiting for that, studied the rest
and composed and poeticized.

Wind frothed the breakers, square-danced
with the gulls. Candy clouds punctuated
the sky. Not a glimpse of a glimmer of
lunar peculiar jiggled the night swath
descending. A shrug and a slump then
turned course westward, resigned to a
glitterless eve.

Moon face smiled, "You could have seen
the moon but you gave up too soon. I'll be
back in December but will you remember?"


the walking man said...

Some days it be much easier to see the moon than the sun.

kdzu said...

What you need is a Farmers Almanac so you can find the best time to be getting sand between your toes.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I miss about Florida is the beaches. The ones here just suck. And the water's cold.

Blaez said...

oh! florida!!!


how i miss thee!

Jean said...

Mark, Friday wasn't one of those days for me. s'okay, though.
I'll keep going back.

Larry, that's a great idea!

Dude, we do have some pretty ones.

Blaez... nice place to visit ;-)