Friday, November 06, 2009

still bloomin' in the South...

Even though we don't get a riot of leaf color
in the Fall, it isn't a bad deal that we have
flowers and sunshine nine months out of twelve.


Doom said...

Florida certainly has it's own beauty. Sometimes you have to get away from the people. But, if one is attuned, one might realize it IS the people, or some to many of them.

Keep blooming. I can only imagine that when you smile and your eyes light up, somebody knows they are special. Don't forget the fauna, that is all I am saying. *smiles*

the walking man said...

I guess the trade off is we get bitter cold sent down from Canada and you get hurricanes sent from Africa. Seems like we're all stuck in the middle of a weatherist conspiracy.

Jean said...

Doom, I think there is beauty everywhere, as I'm sure you do, too.
But, yeah, the people can definitely add or detract to the environment.
ha... I like what you said about smiles and eyes. I've been told my face reveals my mood of the moment quite clearly!

Mark, you're right. There are pluses and minuses no matter where we are.
Guess we have to balance it with what's best for us.

Blaez said...

oh i miss this so much! i miss flowers and sunshine and beautifulness!

Anonymous said...

And humidity and hurricanes and tourists and old people.

Jean said...

Blaez, it is a wonderful way to start November. :-)

Dude, well...yeah. Those are definitely sucky things.