Wednesday, September 23, 2009

UPDATE: Haiku for the new season...

Summer is over. Haiku continues.

The topic for this week's Haiku Challenge is:

******************* FALL ******************


My favorite time
to be alive. Crisp breezes.
Brilliant colored leaves.

pumpkin pyramids.
scarecrows in Sunday finest.
woodsmoke spices air.

Orange harvest moon.
Marshmallows crisp and melting.
Spicey cider brew.


the walking man said...

fall forward again
snowing tears come soon enough
break through to spring

Anonymous said...

Oooh, these really got me in the mood!

curmudgeon said...

Sometimes when I drink
I drink way more than I should.
Then, guess what? I fall.

kdzu said...

2,3,1 in that order. Really, really liked #2.

boneman said...

that makes two of us voting for #2.
Anyway, you Floridians are always harvesting the orange(s)

| )) <--- (moon)

Jean said...

Mark - you should enter that, dear.

Thanks, Jason. I am ready for summer weather to be over!

Dave - Bwahahahaha!! I love it.

Larry and Berry - you convinced me, gentlemen. #2 is entered.
Thank you.

Doom said...

pumpkin pyramids.
scarecrows in Sunday finest.
woodsmoke spices air.

That one is definitely my favorite. Some sentimental nature to it or something, I am not sure. But food and spices are in there too. Hard to tell how much pull that has:)

Jean said...

Doom, I have a feeling the food pull is strong d;-). But, that's okay.
For myself, I get a lovely mental image from that one and I think you're right, there is some old sentiment in it.

Doom said...

Doh! Now I will have to figure out where my pie 'tins' are and make a pumpkin pie! I'll send you an e-piece of pie with web whipped cream on top.

Jean said...

Ha! I'll watch for it, Doom.
One of my favorite deserts.

Susie Hemingway said...

Tis beautiful, wonderfully chosen words, you are an artist indeed. The morning mists across the pastures are just starting but I hate to say goodbye to our peaceful Summer. I love each of these - too hard to choose but I think the second.

Jean said...

aw, Susie...thank you so much.
That's the one I entered in the challenge.
Hope you and all are well. I owe you a visit, dear lady.

K9 said...
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