Wednesday, September 02, 2009

UPDATE: Growing Old haiku...

I'm not sure I want to participate in the haiku challenge
at Sparrow's this week. Do you know what she picked
for a topic?
Really, do you know? 'cause I forgot.
Lemme go look again. Oh, yeah...

--------------------- GROWING OLD ----------------------

UPDATE: Wake up and go vote before 11 pm, please.

not old. please. not old.
mature and more sensual.
wise and young at heart.
Gracefully aging.
Loving life more than ever.
Relaxed in myself.


Doom said...

I like the second better, if you want me to pick. But I think the second is a more practical one. Though both are very true. Would you really want to go through youth forever, at least in this mixed up world?

Mike LaRoche said...

It's a cliche but completely accurate: youth is wasted on the young. Although I'm not old (in my 30s), it's amazing what even just a dozen years have brought in terms of life experience and practical knowledge since I was in my early 20s.

Jean said...

Doom, if we stayed youthful forever, wouldn't the world be different?
But, no, I don't want to stay young always mostly because I know it can't happen but that doesn't mean that just because I reach a certain age I have to curl up.

Mike, I loved high school. And then life went downhill until I reached my 40's. Life is good now and getting better all the time.

the walking man said...

Older than hell, yes
Wrinkled walnut skin I am
No fear no regret

Anonymous said...

You captured the true spirit of age.

Jean said...

Mark - no fear is something I greatly admire.

Jason - thank you, sir.

curmudgeon said...


There's snow on the roof.
But then, I have something else.
Fire in the furnace.

Jean said...

Well, then, are set!

Susie Hemingway said...

I love both of these! no never old, such a hateful word and I am just not ready! I liked the second best. Grest blog.

Susie Hemingway said...

You can tell my eyes have
Great blog!