Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The internal grapevine of gossip and good tidings...

Every workplace has its rumors.

Since the last lay-off in February, a lot of time at work
has been spent trying to guess our future.
We got some news today in a meeting with one of the
head honchos.

Our biggest customer has cut back orders by 30 per cent.
Other customers have put a hold on some orders.
They are forecasting (hoping) that this downturn will reverse
itself in September. In the meantime, however, costs here
need to be cut somehow.

One of the measures that will be taken is to cut our work
hours from forty per week to thirty-two.
We're going to a four day work week. This includes everyone.

If we have vacation time left, we can use that to prevent
a short pay check. They are even giving us the option of
using our accrued vacation time for next year if we don't
have any left from this year. Or, we can take a short pay check
for the next eight weeks... all of July and August.

They admit to going this route in order to avoid another lay-off.
Of course, if business doesn't pick up enough in September,
they also said they will probably be forced to cut personnel then.

I'm choosing to take a short pay check for the next two months.
If business doesn't get better, I want my last check to include
whatever vacation time I might have at that time.

A short pay check now is still more than unemployment and it
still includes benefits like health insurance.
I can do this.

Considering the sucky condition of the economy throughout the
country right now, I appreciate this effort to keep us employed.
And, I made sure to say that to the head honcho after the meeting.

On a much lighter note... it is Haiku Wednesday at Sparrow's place.

This week's topic is HOME and the deadline is 10 pm tonight.


Blaez said...

i'm sorry your going through this. they went that route as well at the place i was working at and ended up layin some of us off in january (3 days into the year, couldn't they have done it before? sigh) and i was one of them.

i'll be crossing my fingers or whatever i can to think of you for good stuff.

AspergantuS said...

That all sucks jean. Wished I could help. If there is ever anything... well... you know...

I. Vadinoff said...

go home aspercreme...
FYI...I hy-cooed

dianne said...

So sorry you are in this situation Jeannie, it's happening everywhere.Its good that they have had the forsight to offer these choices,let us hope that things pick up.
On the news tonight another one of our largest manufacturers of tyres is closing and everything will be imported from overseas. 600 employees have lost their jobs.
Maybe we should all move to China or Singapore and then we'll all have jobs.
No I'm not serious, I would hate to have to work in the conditions that they have to endure.

Lin M. said...

That's never a good situation. I saw that United just furloughed another 1000 pilots, so glad I left when I did.

You know to call if you need anything.

Sparrow said...

And Citibank laid off 9500. I'm sorry you have to go through this, but I guess you're right when you say at least you still have benefits. Hang in there, friend.

Kim said...

Crap. It's everywhere. I keep expecting something at any time. I would do the same as you.I hope it's just a temporary glitch and all levels out.

curmudgeon said...

Sorry to hear, but at least it wasn't worse.
Best of luck...

Jean said...

Thanks to all of you. Such good friends I have here!

I think our country is headed down a long, rough road and there's no exit ramp in sight.

Winston said...

Yep, it sucketh alright. Sorry to hear it, but it seems to be happening to almost everybody now. Almost. If you're OK with the short pay for 2 months, then it sounds like you're smart to build in that hedge against a Sept. layoff. Keep us posted. Think positive thoughts. Drink lots of cheaper booze...

Corby said...


That sucks, I hope you can use the extra time-off for yourself and to find something hopefully more stable.


Jean said...

Winston... over the years, I've become rather good at budgeting wisely.

Corby... I hope I will be productive with something during this time. As far as finding something as good or better around here, not very likely.

Mark said...

I was talking to the wife last night about our financial future. Her company will be laying off 17% of their workforce and she recently took a mandatory 10% pay-cut so... Who the hell knows what's really going to happen.

Good luck.

Jean said...

Mark, I'm sorry. I don't remember ever being scared like this before.

Deadman said...

I think our country is headed down a long, rough road and there's no exit ramp in sight.

Yep. So let's hit the bumps together and make it as enjoyable a ride as possible...Sorry, I really need to be optimistic right now.

Jean said...

deadman...don't be sorry for being optimistic.