Sunday, June 08, 2008

Animal rescue...

My dear friend, Mick, has a post I'd like my readers
to see.

His beautiful wife is the Director of a non-profit
organization, RCCAH. She is a veterinarian trying
to live her dream of saving helpless critters.

If you can help her help them, please do.


boneman said...

cute kittens
are there any other kind?
but, his silly song
won't come and bend my mind.
(it's hard to have
and ear/brain worm
if y'don't
know the original tune)

if you're thinking about moving, forget the female and get one of the males. They will go anywhere with you once befriending you.
If you're thinking you'll be there till the last breath....the female siamese is the most intelligent and friendly of all city-type cats.

The Doctor said...
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AspergantuS said...

The song is from the Disney movie, "Lady and the Tramp." It was first released in 1955.

Jean said...

That's it! and, Peggy Lee did it, right?
Thanks, Mick.

she said...

jean, i will be driving by you on the superslab tomorrow. might stop off in hawthorne to see my brother. just made me think of you. i need to back track and see what happened in tennessee. i saw what you wrote at enemys - 2 lands and small town. i second that emotion! good to see ya grrrrrrrrrrl