Sunday, October 29, 2006

It is what it is...

That pretty much explains my blog and me too.

I've had conversations with many of you who read my blog, including some who do not comment here. There seems to be some concern because what I write is perceived to be nothing but depressing.

I prefer to think of it as... R & R... reflective and reminiscent. Not to mention that a few things are totally fictional.

Yes, I do fight depression. This year, however, has been the best... as far as mood is concerned...
for me, in a very long time. I think this blog has helped enormously. And, I love it when anyone leaves a comment. I'm wondering now, if some do not leave comments because something here has made them uncomfortable. I don't expect all comments to be nothing but praise. If you have a criticism or question... feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box. Or e-mail me.
I can handle it.

I love to laugh, and I do... a lot. That has been a surprise for some. I have a great sense of humor. People laugh a lot when they communicate with me. Sometimes, for hours.

I wish I could write on demand. But, my brain doesn't seem to work that way. What shows up here is mostly unplanned. Most of it requires a lot of tweaking before I post it. Some things just write themselves as I sit here at the keyboard. More of that would be nice.

This was never meant to be a journal of my daily life. It is meant to be a creative outlet. It is, without apology, often hit or miss. I have no schedule... no deadlines... no assignments. Being, what I see as, that rigid with myself would be counterproductive for me. Yes, I have some rebelliousness towards demands and strict schedules. One of many issues for me. I don't want to make myself feel obligated to perform a specific quantity or content. I want to like what I leave here. When I do post here, it is because something has risen to the surface and practically kicks me in the head... or heart.

My words here do not necessarily reflect my mood at the moment. Not always. Sometimes, yes.
Pondering is what I do. Note my blog title. Pondering is good.

I guess I should get back to the point: I am not trying to be depressing here. But, what is here is part of me. It's what I have to offer right now.
It could change. Or not.

I hope this helps some of you relax and enjoy. And, leave comments.
Me, I am what I am.
My blog, it is what it is.


Loren said...

I must admit that I have hestitated to comment on some of your more depressing entries, but that doesn't mean that I didn't find them interesting, just that I didn't have anything meaningful to add.

I often times feel that writing about something is absolutely necessary to dealing with it. Trying to make something that's depressing into something that's not depressing is merely a waste of everyone's time.

Keep writing what works for you.

AspergantuS said... thinks you are on to something here...
It is what it is... seems I've heard that somewhere before... This I must ponder...

Bane said...

If life hands you lemons, punch it in the face and tell it you ordered a damn beer, and get these damn lemons the flock out of here before I give you a GOOD thrashing.

Oh, and write every day, like it or not.

Grumpyunk said...

Yes, I understand the comments are good thing. Is that our ego or what?

Follow Banes advice and write. You have a knack for it.

Jean said...

Loren - this is definitely a soul salve for me... thanks for coming back!

Mick - ok... I admit to stealing that... someday, you might get hugged!

Bane - beer is good... a good thrashing?... oh, it's not nice to tease me!

Grumpyunk - Ego?...yep... and also, I think... connection, validation, life-line at times.
Take Bane's advice?... hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I found no surprises in this post.

Carry on. You know I'll keep dropping in every day.

Valerie - Still Riding Forward said...

Myself, I approve of people who do what they find rewarding. It's your blog, hang whatever you like.

I will still whine because I would like to know a little more about you and your current life aka, how's the dumpster done for you?

But that's just me and you are in no way obligated to share that info here. I will still stop in! I heart you lady1

Lee said...

I think you should change your background to pink with hearts, clouds and puppy dogs!

Write what works for you. Therapy is good, whatever the form. You'll note that I largely do the same(for a smaller audience), and do it for me, because I often go back and re-read everything.

Oh, and by the way, you forgot to tell everyone about your tits and cooking!

k said...

I'm beginning to think MOST blogs are therapy blogs to some extent. Mine sure is. But it's nice to hear your depression isn't as all-encompassing as some might interpret from only the blog.

And sure, I'm nosy. I'd love to hear more about your daily life. It's fun. Hey, more Floridians! Lucky for me, I get to hear bits and pieces in your comments on other blogs.

Your house is YOUR house. You, all of us, we can and must run it as we please.

And whuduya think?

Why, looky here! Readers! Comments! Lurkers rackin' up your sitemeter!

Meaning, it pleases others, too.


Jean said...

Freddie - thanks, gal.

Valerie - another independent soul... no wonder we get along! Making notes per your request/suggestions.
The dumpster ain't going so well, but I haven't given up.

Lee - No friggin' way on the frou-frou background! Criminey!! ...:)
I have been re-reading my old posts, too... satisfied with most... but willing to branch out perhaps.

And.. you and Dave are soooooo bad!

AspergantuS said...

You have stolen nothing, because as you put it...It is what it is....

kdzu said...

And being what it is is mostly what we like or we wouldn't be dropping by. Blogging is for a lot (well at least me) a sort of talking it out with myself, although I do tend to ramble on a bit and loose my place a lot. Your creativity is refreshing and makes me want to take more time over what I put up.
So, short version. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what they said. It's late, I can't think for myself. Write, write, write!

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

I love reading your stuff, just keep doing what you're doing, because it works. BTW Happy Halloween!

GalacticallyStupid said...

How'd all these people steal my "It is what it is" line? Is your phone tapped?

Jean said...

Mick - sweet man, you are...

Larry - another one of my favorite people... I love your blog!... you keep it up too... I agree, this thing does help.

Sparrow - OK, OK, OK......LOL!

Mrs JG - thank you soooo much... Happy 'Ween to you too!

Bob - Phone tapped?.....nah..... just good people thinking alike...:)

Flea said...

HI Jean,
So far I have enjoyed your blog too. But like Lee said, if you are battling depression, lets change this back ground to something more livelier, maybe that will help too.
I went through a down time too and since having my blog it really helped, esp the comments.
I love it. It's my therapy for free!
Keep up the good work.

Lee said...

I'm not bad, just misunderstood! =)

"it is what it is" is one of may favorite "drive the stressed wife crazy" phrases. I'm calm and pragmatic....she's...ummmmm....not.

Jean said...

Hannelie - thanks so much! The background doesn't depress me at all......I've always liked black as a classy color...:)

Lee - sounds like you and your wife are well balanced... that's a good thing!

Jean said...

k - I am embarrassed... I missed responding to your last comment!
I love your continuously positive outlook... it's what keeps me coming back to your blog... Perhaps I'll start doing a little more real-time postings... pondering that...:)