Saturday, April 10, 2021

My brain is tired...

 ...there's a clenched fist in my chest and my nerves
are as strained as catgut on a guitar (piano? violin? whatev).

I've been spoiled during the past year. It was February 2020
since Carol's last hospital stay and considering the Covid crap,
we have been very lucky. And very careful.

She got her second vaccination today with no side effects at all
and Ann and I are getting our second vaccination on the 19th.

So why would I be at all stressed?
In the last couple weeks she's been scheduled for multiple
procedures and tests that make me worry. One procedure is a
heart catheterization and another involves removing a large
growth on her scalp. And then the heart doctor decided just
the other day that he wants some kind of lung test done.
All of these procedures require blood work and a Covid test.
ALL of this rigamarole is scheduled during the next two weeks.

The only doctor who will allow me to go with her to her
appointments is the surgeon. The other doctors follow Covid
restrictions that only allows the patient in the facility unless the
patient needs physical help or help communicating.

So, I have to rely on Carol to fill me in and unfortunately she
often gets confused about what they're telling her. And she will
not question anything she's told when it comes from any person
she considers to be an authority. Well, you probably know that
I ask questions about everything. I don't like not knowing
especially when it comes to health situations.

I don't think anyone else worries because they know I will.
Does that sound like "poor me" whining?

So guess where I spent a couple of hours on Friday?

A funeral home.

Nobody died. This was for me.
Did the pre-planning thing for a simple cremation, no viewing,
no service. Even picked out a headstone. All that's left is to
talk to the cemetery people.

I feel so much better.


Doom said...

Yea, I... need to sort out funeral arrangements too. I should have had it done, but money has been funny or it would have been completed.

There are some options. Perhaps have the doctor call as if a three way call? With the speaker phone on? If that isn't acceptable, while you won't get direct questions answered, perhaps you could obtain a recording device. Some phones, or apps on phones, might do that. If recorded well, perhaps you could call the doctor with any questions?

Those will required effort, and requests which might be denied. But it's a start. If you want solutions, there are some. They might lead to other solutions. Or... if you just want to moan and groan, without judgment, I can leave you to that. Still, I take requests seriously, and attempt to help. Not that I am good at it, though, either.

Good luck. I'll add you all back in my prayers. It's... all I can really do anyway. But it's not without some value, I believe. Or I wouldn't do it. Amen? :)

Anonymous said...

No, it's not whinig. It's the momma lion in you. And rightfully so.

Go ahead and ROAR, sister.

Praying for all of you. All of us.


Joe said...

You are both on my thoughts and prayers

Jean said...

Thanks folks. What great friends I have here!
We'll get through this.