Thursday, November 19, 2015

Just what I needed...not

My very first, in almost fifty years of driving,
speeding ticket.
It came in the mail, complete with photos.

29 mph in a 20 mph school zone at 8:44 in the morning.

I don't remember the school zone but I do remember
that I was on my way to the hospital to see Carol. 
I'll be mailing a check for $100.

Isn't 8:44 a.m. a little late for a school zone?

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Joe said...

A couple of months ago I got nailed doing 75 in a 55 . I was guilty. That one cost $193.

A few weeks later I got the a similar envelope as yours in the mail from Cedar Rapids, Iowa claiming I was going 65 in a 55. Twice. Once on a Tuesday once on a Wednesday. One was northbound, one southbound. Both at the exact same mile marker. If the 55 mph speed limit was marked it must be on a one foot square sign behind a bush planted behind a billboard. There seems to be something wrong when a faceless bureaucrat sends a letter telling you it was your car, pay up, with no proof of who actually broke the law. It doesn't seem right. At least in the first ticket a cop actually pulled me over.

Anyway in a two day span I got three tickets that cost me nearly $400 I could not afford. My first speeding citations in over twenty years and it was a trifecta. The Iowa tickets are for the car so they don't show on my record. Indiana let me pay an extra $50 for a "diversion fund" and if I do not get another ticket for six months this one is dropped. There is that. At least my insurance won't go up.