Friday, January 25, 2013

Senior Prom...

I gotcha all beat, Joe.

You and your buds are flashing pics from
the 70s and 80s. pfffttt.

This is from my Senior Prom 1969.
Just further proof that I am older than dirt.

My mom made that dress.


Anonymous said...

Very attractive, Jean. Nooo, you are not older than dirt!

Your mom was a good seamstress. My mom tried sewing one time. She made me a skirt; material was blue backround with HUGE white flowers with red centers. I wore it to the church picnic. Oh, lordy!!! So grateful she noever again tried making anything else for me.


Jean said...

Mom made many of our clothes, Bonnie. I think I have a pic of Easter outfits somewhere. She taught me to sew, and my results were tolerable but never as professional as hers.
Your story makes me chuckle. I learned the hard way that the fabric has a LOT to do with the end product ;-)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

If you have tried to buy any dirt recently, you will reailise how valuable it is.

Doom said...

I have to believe, from time to time, we make God laugh. "Older than dirt, she says!", as He bellows a storm over some global warming activists! "I'm older than sin and still a Spring Chicken!".

Be patient through the veil of tears. You may have the rest of eternity to be as young as you really are. I bet you even remember how you felt, and have some of those same feelings to this day.

I have always wondered if babies, in the womb, ponder their advancing age, or if it is only girl babies. *grins*

the walking man said...

Alright I'll admit I did not go to prom in '69...but I am certain I did go racing on Telegraph Rd. in my '67 Charger.

Joe said...

Look at you! '69 was a very good year.

Jean said...

J Cosmo, so I should spread myself thinnly?

ha! Doom, I guess it's all in the attitude, no? I need to work on that.

Mark, wish I coulda been there!

awwwwwww, Joe. I had fun.

og said...

hey, you were smoking hot. Pity Ernie Douglas there didn't know what he had going on.

I may not have as many hours, but I got a few miles on you. And I was ugly then and am ugly now.

Jean said...

As it turned out, I didn't miss a thing with him. He broke up with me after the end of freshman year college (Ohio State for him Akron U for me) when he found someone ready for sex. Saw him at high school reunion ten years later...married her, had kids... was a
VERY angry drunk. Wife looked pretty sad.

curmudgeon said...

Late to the party once again, but what a looker!

(My senior prom was in 1978.)

Jean said...

Dave, I knew you were just a baby.