Saturday, January 23, 2010

'scuse me. 'scuse me...

has anyone seen my poetry?
Thought I left it laying around here.
No? Not lately? Damn. What is up with that?

I've been so poetically uninspired that I haven't
even entered a haiku at Sparrow's since last month.
That makes me nervous. Hope the well isn't dry.

Not that I haven't been kinda busy, understand.
I entered a writing contest at Susan Katz Keating's
other blog, Uniform EnCounters, and won the
poetry division. I pointed all of you that way but I
think the only one who noticed was Walking Man.

Then, I entered the writing contest at Jason's place,
The Clarity of Night, but didn't even place. *sigh*
I signed up for a full down and dirty critique, though.
Looking forward to that.

Sales at the Pondering....... store have dropped off
completely since just before Christmas. But, never fear,
I will have two new products to offer in about two weeks.
I'm extremely poor but still have some room left on
the charge card. Gonna look for some local arts and craft-type
shows to enter. That's kind of an expensive gamble but I guess
I need to take the risk to get the products in front of the public.
I'm also firming up designs for four more shirts and two mugs.
For later. If I can manage the investment.

Of course, I'm missing Berry but, that can't be helped right now.

Let's see. Anything else?
Oh, yeah... one of the visitors I get is from Canton, Ohio using
RoadRunner. Nancy, is that you?? I sent you an email before
Christmas but you haven't written back.
Hope you're ok, my friend.
(Nancy and I were best friends in elementary school in
Uniontown and I'm sure you're all simply thrilled to know that.)

Last but not least, the job search still sucks. But, I think Florida
is done freezing for the season, so that's a very good thing.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend.
I really do appreciate all of you who visit here.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, we bloggers are bastards, all. You're not alone, btw. It's the third week in January, always a downer.

Meanwhile, you have a place in Charleston if you'd like to come visit a place where some folks still have money to buy lovely things. . .


boneman said...

or, Indiana where we have no money, but cook wonderful chicken and have good tasting wine.
I don't know what this one was thinking.
I said I would like to serve him with some wine...
and here he is, at my door with the wine I will serve wityh him.

If it's the land of Fort Sumter she speaks of, it is very nice up there.
If she has a fenced yard, you could even take Sparky

Froth said...

All the best in search of whatever you need. I feel your pain.

It WILL happen.

Diane said...

I know how you feel... uninspired, poor, missing important people, etc. Keep your face to the sun, my friend!!! Nothing lasts forever :)

Jean said...

Joan, I was in Charleston once a few years ago. B'day weekend with friends. Beautiful place...and busy.
You're tempting me, for sure. Thanks.


Berry, not sure the Spark would be a good traveler. But, the wine and chicken in Indiana sounds great. ♥

Thanks, Kim. Hope your new employ is going well for you.

Diane, I will persevere!

the walking man said...

i couldn't copy your logo for my side bar jean but send me the code for it and I will replace the link I just put up.

Jean said...

Mark, you dear man, thank you!
Check your email.

Michael Morse said...

Just when I think I can't write my way out of a wet paper bag something just appears. Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes seconds, one never knows. Inspiration is just around the corner.

And I still can't write a haiku to save my life. Tricky little buggers, them.

foam said...

you've been entering contests! that doesn't sound so uninspired to me.
anyway, never fear .. inspiration will come ..
as will a job. i'm sure of it.

foam said...

you've been entering contests! that doesn't sound so uninspired to me.
anyway, never fear .. inspiration will come ..
as will a job. i'm sure of it.

Jean said...

That happens to me, too, Michael. I still get nervous every time, though.
ha...I love haikus. Keep trying!

Thanks, Foam. Working on new product designs has helped my mood ;-)
I'm just gonna relax and go with the flow for now.

Anonymous said...

..... that whole "uninspired" thing is rampant these days, Jean.... hang in there!...


K9 said...

i think we have parallel shop died off too (as you know) and i lost my job at the nursery because with my neck fusions i just cant do some of the labor like dig up the balled and burlaped trees and load them on trucks. when the big tractor trailers pull up with 50 or so big plants...gah, it was rough. you know, im pretty old for that.

i always wanted you to take your pondering mugs to independent coffee seems a perfect pairing.

and, and i really havent been making any art understand.

im shocked though, you laid out of your haiku challenge!

Jean said...

Thanks, Eric. All encouragement appreciated.

K9, sorry the job didn't work but *yikes* it sounds like it was dangerous for you.
I hit a couple local gift shops to peddle my wares with no luck. Next target will be the coffee joints.
Yeah, the haiku-less attitude surprises me, too, but I'm gonna keep at it.

I do have some ideas brewing for products. Fingers crossed.