Thursday, July 17, 2008


I think about you
almost never
these days.
much less than
once in a while.
funny that, don't
you think, all
those tears
washed my eyes
and let me see,
there is, after all,
life after left over.


boneman said...

oh crap
the pain of yesterdays
always seems to have its ways

but then as we climp up to the top
and after time the pain seems to stop

And we find it was the bad that made us survive
The terrors of life made us stronger to strive....

What? We're better because of the worse?
Couldn't someone have just told us that first?

Jean said...

We probably wouldn't have listened.

kdzu said...

And the best is yet to come.

boneman said...

i'm having a hard time writing something positive.

I wandered over because one of your blog side bars had a clock and that's where I got mine, but I accidently flushed it.

Doom said...

That clicks and hums right along, and like you, I mean it... except when I don't? :p *laughing*

dianne said...

Jeannie I like your poem I will be happy to get to that state of acceptance.
Gosh Boneys very poetic lately.
You are right Jeannie, we probably wouldn't have listened anyway, sometimes you just have to experience the hurt-the obvious is blatantly staring me in the face and I still I cant bring myself to accept it!
Life is too hard sometimes.
Did you see my poem over at Bonemans blog, pretty sad?

Blaez said...

I love to read what you write, Jean.

It's amazing that you can turn something painful into something beautiful to share with the world. I wish my talent was half as good as yours.

boneman said...

It's not easy moving to a new blog, but, that's what I'm doing.
The 'Grabbing the Bull' blog is going to be a political thing until November, and then I'm shutting it down.

It's hard to do because i have to move all the addresses to the new blog one at a time, so, here's the deal.

If you don't agree with the political stand I'm making and don't want your name attached to it, c'mon by and tell me and I'll give it priority treatment.
(if you don't mind being there, or even want to contribute, tell me that, too, and I'll leave it for the duration.

In any case, the new address is at the top of the sidebar.

boneman said...

....'course, you already had the new address.
A poet came by and commented near you, you might want to check him out.
Took a complex thought and simplified it enough for even me to understand.
Bet'cha you'll like him, beard and all!

Jean said...

yep, I like him.