Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spam or Lurker?...

I check my sitemeter every day.
For a couple of weeks I've noticed a new visitor.
They seem to be going through all my archives.
If they like my work that much, I am flattered.

However, I went through some of my older posts
and noticed (and deleted) some spam-ish comments.
The times posted with those comments don't really
jive with the new, frequent visitor. Me confused.

The info from my sitemeter:
above dot net
IP address 209.249.86 (Kavam)
San Jose, California
Browser Firefox

If the visitor from California is a real person...
let me know in comments or email, ok?

If it is a spambot... bugger off!!


Bill Braine said...

Doesn't seem to be a real person. I get it too. Here's some info.

Jean said...

Thanks, Bill.
Now, I am wondering how YOU found me... I am so easily amazed :)
I popped over to your blog. You are a paid writer!

LBJ said...

I had a flurry of spam last week. . But when I tried to match the time of the spam with the location of the visit in sitemeter they didn't always match. Sometimes sitemeter seems to be off by a posting.

But there's been a flurry of junk. All the spam I got was on old posts, not on the new ones. I don't think you have to worry, but if they do contact you, do what Captain on Deck does and refer them to his personal website

Jean said...

Scully - ha! I'll do that.

sparringK9 said...

very curious. i never look at my sitemeter anymore.
about the dumpster: im in the "clearing a new path" camp. happy sunday jean.

M said...

I get the same visitor too and I noticed it around the same time as you did. I am trying to find a way how to stop that particular visitor.

Jean said...

she - seem to be many on that path, eh? Happy Sunday to you!

m - keep me informed, please?
...and, Welcome!

Deadman said...

Probably a spammer. Another blogger I know had the same thing recently. Like with her, I feel compelled to say, IT ISN'T ME!


Anonymous said...

Mark is talking about me.The IP number and the town is also the same as you've posted. I guess I have answers to my questions now.

Jean said...

Mark - hmmm... :)

Becky - I've called myself a 'freak-magnet' but never thought about a 'robot-magnet'. I hope it goes away soon.

Deadman said...

Even robots need love too.

Living Dees Life said...

glad to know that i'm not the only person who wants to know who's commenting and visiting my site.

Jean said...

Mark - ain't my type :)

Blaez - I think it's fun to check it!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hi! I found you because I'm trying to find out who or what this "Kavam" thing is and I entered the name in Google and your blog came up amongst other links. I'm relieved to hear other people besides me get visits from "Kavam San Jose" but am rather worried about whatever this person or people are up to. Some of Kavam's visits to my site last over 5 hours - why? The reason I'm worried is this: several months ago an item appeared on my bank statement showing a payment from my account to someone in San Jose. But I don't recall ever making any payments to San Jose, I don't know anyone there and I can't find out who this is. Any ideas on how to get more information on Kavan and whatever it is they're up to?

Jean said...

Natalie - go to the comment on top... Bill gives a link to some info. Geez, I hope this thing isn't going to cause problems!