Sunday, December 04, 2011

Haiku Monday - time...

time out of mind was
or yet to be remembered
in one-thought pieces.

once upon a time
this time seemed neverending.
all time is not ours.

winding, winding down
flash-flash path of memory
exhale one last time.

love it this time more
than last time. there may not be
another time here.

Karl is this week's Haiku Monday host.
Use the 5-7-5 format and join in.
Fun group of peeps.


the walking man said...

I understand your take is on time. I like the middle two more than the end two. Enjambment is not good for Haiku...just saying Jean.

Joe said...

Rain, rain still it falls
Look at the side yard it floods
at least it's not snow

Joe said...

My Muse decided she did not like "Time " as a topic.

I never did play well with others.

Jean said...

But it's MY haiku, Mark ;-).
(I had to look up 'enjambment'.)

Joe, you can play here anytime.

Boxer said...

Hey! you're in this week. How nice. :-) Great job on both of them.

Jean said...

Thanks, Boxer. I love your Christmas with Coco Card!

Karl said...

Good morning Jean,

Thanks for playing this week. All of your haiku are most enjoyable. Particularly: Once upon a time.

Jean said...

Thank you, Karl. I love haiku.
Thank you for hosting.