Saturday, December 31, 2011

good-bye 2011, bring it on 2012...

I won't say good riddance to 2011.
There was more than enough good
in it that added to my good memory file.
It's rare for me to consider that any time
is wasted.
I try hard to learn something from all times.
Even in those times when I feel wasteful in
my idleness or overwhelmed by some mental
list of things that should be done,
I search for reason. A reason.
What is my reason for being?
Do I need a reason for being?
Is it enough just to be?

Pondering never stops.

I might just treat myself to a bottle of bubbly
this evening. Fuel for pondering, perhaps,
or more honestly, a legal relaxer.

It is another day to be thankful.
Thankful that I know so many people
who embrace me as I am.
A day to remember to return those embraces

May every today contain a blessing,
a reason.
Keep your heart open to see.

Happy New Year!


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Thanks Jean,

Best wishes for 2012.

"Roses are red,
Leap Years are even,
I hope 2012 brings you
Happiness you can believe in."

Doom said...

You definitely live where whispers linger too. I have no more answer than you, sometimes we share questions though.

Bubbly is good. Happy New Year, and hopefully many more.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jean. Do you give me permission to pass along the last 2 sentences you wrote? Something to remember --

I'm gonna think 2012 WILL be better than 2011 for me. It's starting out terrific. One of my friends called this morning to wish me a happy year. We decided to support each other in our efforts - lose weight &, for him, quit smoking. We've decided to report to each other once each week. He's a wonderful friend.



Jean said...

A poem from a master. Thank you, JCosmo!

The bubbly was very good, Doom.
Many more HNYs to you, also.

Permission delightfully granted, Bonnie! Good luck to you both and Happy New Year.