Wednesday, December 28, 2011

High Tides at Snack Jack...

One of the best seafood restaurants in the area sits, literally,
on top of a sand dune next to A1A in Flagler Beach.
High Tides gets its seafood fresh off the boats every day.

I met NoWhereMan there for lunch.

You can sit outside
at picnic tables but
it was a bit too cool
and windy for that.
Temps only got up
to the mid-60s but,
sunshine was

The ocean was choppy and further south
were dozens of surfers in wet-suits.
(Didn't get pics of the surfers.)

The specials of the day
menu board.
Cash only.

The place was packed,
as usual.

I laughed at this sign.
If you don't know what chum is, go here.

I was not successful at getting
a good photo of the fishing boats.
The white spec on the horizon
in this last photo is one of three
commercial boats dragging
their nets.

Mick and I sat and talked
so long that the restaurant
was almost empty when
we left.
No doubt the kitchen was
getting revved up for the dinner crowd.

Thank you, Mick, for a wonderfully fun afternoon!


Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey! I remember the Snack Jack!

We should do that again some day if I ever get back to Florida.


Jean said...

Hell yeah, Joan. Holler at me whenever.
Today the place was so crowded that the valet parking was FULL. I had to park two blocks away on the side of the street.

Doom said...

First off, I am very pleased to see that you dined and friended all afternoon! And at the best sea food joint in the area. Jealous much? Urhm, maybe. :p

However, 60 F? That is prime weather. T-shirts and if I wore them shorts weather. Still, I understand. Southerners are a bit delicate when it comes to breezes and "cold" weather, women the more. *laughs at you* Aw, just funnin' ya a bit. You can tease me when it gets hot. Even without humidity I whine like a little girl when it hits 70.

Jean said...

Doom, the blackened whitefish was delish! Snack Jack's is not fancy by any means, but the food and the view. Wow.
And, I admit to being a wimp about cool weather. After living here 37 years, my blood has thinned considerably. 70s are perfect for me.

Anonymous said...

Your comment about mid-60's temps being cool made me smile. Living in the midwest, I'm used to cooler temps. Thermostat in the house is set at 64° and I'm very comfortable.

Glad you're enjoying the season and spending time with friends. Happy 2012, Jean!


Jean said...

Bonnie, it would have been more tolerable without the stiff breeze off the ocean. Still, I'll take it over 90+ and humidity.
Happy New Year to you, galfriend!

Doom said...

Blackened white fish? Does the Zero admin know about this? The DOJ? Call a senator, a congressman, someone. That is racist! Way to funny (to me anyway). And the quality of a restaurant is always about the food. You can't beat fresh with solid cooks/chefs.

♫NWM♫ said...

as always, my pleasure...

Jean said...

Was a very fun day...AND I got presents!